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Just because you buy a new car does not mean it comes with protection. Anything but! Yes, the dealership provides a detailing service, but chances are the options are overpriced and lacking in attention to, well, detail. We’re not throwing shade at dealerships, just reality. It’s a dealer’s job to sell you a car, not to detail it. That is why at DoubleTake Auto Spa, we created a New Car Detailing Service to ensure your new car is germ free on the inside and protected on the outside. Something to think about, you have no idea how many people test-drove the vehicle prior to you purchasing it. That’s why it is Getbest to ensure your vehicle has a nice interior steam cleaning because you don’t want to ride around with other people germs, do you?

There are two main methods of paint protection. One is Ceramic Coating, the other, Paint Protection Film. Which one you need is entirely up to you (but something to discuss when you call DoubleTake Auto Spa in Fremont to schedule an appointment.)

Ceramic Coating is best described as a long-term treatment applied in liquid form to your vehicle that reacts chemically with the paint to harden like a shell. This protective shell shields your vehicle for 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or lifetime protection. It works to protect your paint from the things you don’t think about like harmful UV rays (that oxidize paint over time), or acidic bird droppings, invisible solvents found on roadways that wear on paint and eventually your pocketbook. With a Ceramic Coating you come away with not just a long lasting shine behind an invisible shell. The labor of buffing and waxing is replaced with the pleasures of water beading. Making cleaning your vehicle a breeze so you no longer need to take your car to the local car wash.

It’s recommended for any new car owner to get a Ceramic Coating, and the longer the duration, the longer. Just another plus as waxing conspires to dull your shine in the long run anyhow, leaves your car unprotected and gloomy with nasty swirl marks that have to be buffed out later to much expense. It just makes perfect sense to protect your paint with a ceramic coating.  If you’re the proud owner of a new vehicle, you’re going to want to preserve the look of your car. That’s not to say it’s a treatment reserved for new car owners only. Anything but, as all vehicle paint are worth preserving, it’s just another way to protect your auto investment.  One day you might want to sell or trade your vehicle and you’ll thank yourself for paying attention to this detail when you do.

Another form of protection to consider is Paint Protection Film also known as a Clear Bra or PPF. Designed to protect high-impact areas like the hood, side fenders, bumper, headlights, rocker panel and side mirrorsor we can protect the entire vehicle. Paint Protection Film works to protect the paint from flying rocks chipping away at the paint, bug splatter, minor abrasions, protection from the sun fading the paint, scuffs marks and scratches. The best part is our paint protection film has self- healing properties, so should you notice those unsightly car wash swirl marks, they can be easily removed by the warmth of the sun of with warm water. Therefore, you’ll enjoy a flawless exterior for 10 full years.

Paint Protection Film are not new to the market, in fact they have been around for over 100 years. Back in the day, they lost their attractiveness because the film would turn a slight yellowish color but with today’s technology and enhancement they are back and is in popular demand and better than ever! More durable, better features and the manufactures guarantees no yellowing, along with a much longer protection warranty of 10 years!

The important thing is both treatments serve to protect your investment against corrosion, the wear and tear of the road, the stuff that messes with your shine, and inevitably your investment.

DoubleTake Auto Spa is here to guide you through the process. Yes, an appointment is necessary, but we can provide preliminary details on the phone, though like most things in life an in-person consultation is always best.

It’s just important to protect your paint job as not only will your car look better overtime, but you’ll thank yourself when it comes time to recoup your investment.

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