Nasty Juice is the most famous brand of vape juice in Malaysia. Started by Shariffudin Bujang (aka Pak Din) and Azizul Ridzuan from their modest origins in a small town called Tampin in Malaysia, their goods have been sold in no fewer than 72 countries. Their exhilarating flavours and distinctive artwork on appealingly shaped bottles have captured the hearts of vapers all over the world, being one of the most popular and demanded brands of vape juice around the world.

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What is nasty juice?

The self-proclaimed ‘most bad-ass e-juice in the world’ looks like it has a lot to contribute.  Established in 2015, Nasty Juice soon entered the EU market, offering vapers an opportunity to prove the low-mint formulas on their own.


It proved to be a tremendous hit, plus the cool urban tin labelling made it stand out from the rest. Almost all flavours are variations of sweet fruit and something labelled low mint. This cool, ice addition has just a slight touch of mint, bringing a new aspect to each taste.


It was this successful strategy that led the company to win a host of awards! It was obvious from vape exhibitions in different countries that vapers liked its flavours.

Nasty Juice Shortfill – Crush Man

It’s one of the most popular flavours—a mouth-wateringly nice mix of ripe tropical mango with a refreshingly cool light mint. If you want to taste all the nice stuff in this brand, that’s the taste for you.

Nasty Juice 50/50 – Grape

Also recognised as ASAP Grape, this basic but powerful flavour is packed with rich black grapes, ripe berries and a trademark, cold, sleek, low-mint recipe. This taste is a necessity for sunny days in the garden.

Nasty Juice – Sicko Blue

This one tastes blended berries paired with sugar. You can taste the berry traces on the inhalation, but it’s not a particular flavour of strawberry or raspberry. This taste is known as blue raspberry. Blue raspberry is a spice widely found in candies and beverages that is most frequently flavoured in a light blue hue.

Nasty Salt – Slow Blow

This nickel salt liquid is awesome for use in steam pods or MTL modules. The vinegary lime soda with delicious pineapple is settled with an icy cool low mint. This flavour is wonderful for those who want a premium salt encounter.

Nasty Juice – Stargazing

As the name suggests, Stargazing by Nasty Juice provides lovely, aromatic blueberry struck on the first inhalation! Definitely indicative of blueberry jam or blueberry compote used on toast or blueberry muffin. Stargazing is certainly a blueberry flavour that’s pretty similar to actual blueberry jam.

Nasty Juice Shortfill – Fat Boy

This is another very famous flavour among the vapers. This fantastic liquid blends an intensified citrus fruit with tropical mango and citrus lime. If you’re searching for a strong fruity taste, look no further than Fat Boy.

Nasty Juice – Ballin Passion Killa

Right off the bat, the first taste to enter your mouth is delicious passion fruit. This is something like a fizzy, soda-like passionfruit flavour, not a vinegary fruit. The sweetness amount is certainly better than the Nasty Berries Sequence. Also, there’s a very low cooling note to give this taste an extra kick. But the cooling tone is by no way overpowering at all.

Nasty Juice 50/50 – Bad Blood

This is easy but excellent flavour. Mixing juicy and ripe blackcurrants with a refreshing low mint formula will lead to a liquid you’re struggling to put down.

Nasty Juice – Broski Berry

The first spice that strikes you on the intake is the sensation of cherries. The cherry flavour is not chemical, nor is it overpowering or sweet. The second most noticeable taste is aniseed. The aniseed is close to the flavour you get from the white sambuca alcohol from the star anise. This mixture of cherry and aniseed integrates each other very well and creates an e-liquid that is definitely unique.

Nasty Juice Tobacco Series – Gold Blend

To be sure, this is a very special tobacco taste. It’s a very nutty sort of tobacco with a fun smoky taste, unlike the Silver Mix. Mild and soft and a touch creamy.

These were some of the most popular and demanded flavours from Nasty Juice around the globe. Get your hands on this tempting and mouthwatering e-juice. Place an order with GG vapes to get Nasty Juice in Pakistan. We offer a cash on delivery service in Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, Islamabad and all other cities in the country.

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