The onset of pregnancy is a piece of news that comes with a lot of happiness and some apprehensions. Days start with trepidation as the sixth week of pregnancy approaches. By this time the fetus has grown to the size of a pea, and its eyes and ears have started developing. This is also at this time that the baby’s heart starts beating. The heart rate of a baby beats around 100–160 times a minute.


While regular visits to the healthcare specialist are a must during your pregnancy, rest assured that your baby is growing if you are experiencing symptoms like morning sickness, frequent urination, mood swings, and more. However, growth is not everything. You may also be inclined to know whether the baby growing inside you is healthy or not. This calls for a private early pregnancy scan. This can reveal a lot about the health of the fetus in your womb. It is also sued to monitor the baby in early pregnancy and estimated the due date for delivery.

Early Pregnancy Scan London

The physician can observe your pregnancy through a scan from as early as the 6th week, i.e halfway through the first trimester. However, the right time for conducting such scans is usually the 7th to 12th weeks of pregnancy since this can ensure that the baby is growing normally. Indeed, such a scan is recommended to all pregnant women, especially if she is experiencing pain or bleeding.

Advantages Of A Private Early Pregnancy Scan

An early pregnancy scan has several advantages. It can confirm a pregnancy, let you know when you have conceived, check the growth of the baby, and more. Let’s go through the other advantages of early pregnancy scans.

  • Confirming singleton or multiple pregnancies

A scan can confirm the number of embryos present in your womb. So, it can help you confirm whether you are carrying a singleton or twins.

  • Viability of pregnancy

It can help you confirm the viability of a pregnancy, i.e whether it has a decent chance of survival or not. True, an Early Pregnancy Scan London can confirm that there is no abnormality in pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy, in which case pregnancy takes place outside the uterus.

  • Heartbeat and gestation

Gestation means the age of the embryo. So, a scan can reveal the age of the embryo as well as let you hear its heartbeat.

  • The presence of bleeding

A scan can also reveal if there is any internal bleeding. 

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Early pregnancy scans can be carried out transvaginally or transabdominal. Transabdominal means over the tummy whereas transvaginal means within the vaginal canal. Before the scan, the sonographer may ask you to drink a glass of water. This is essential for him to get a good view of the fetus. The sonographer may apply some gel on your tummy and move the sonography device over the abdomen. This can pick up the images. For a transvaginal scan, the sonographer uses a vaginal transducer, lubricates it with a gel, and puts it inside your vagina. So, just make sure that you visit an experienced physician.

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