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Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra with over a population of 1.84 crores, and as called the “city of dreams.” Whoever went to Mumbai over the past decades and had spent their days with hard work are big stars or millionaires or Billionaires in the world. Mumbai is transforming every day and a busy city. Mumbai is famous for Bollywood, India’s film entertainment capital, one of the largest centers for film production in the world. Mumbai films are the top gross in sales and hits in ox office with more a global presence, and everyone around the world loves to watch Indian Cinema because of the foremost centers of arts and culture.

The city of dreams

Mumbai is also famous for visiting places as the top five among them to see the lists are Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, History Museums, Bhuleshwar holy sites. Gateway of India is an arch monument that is built in the early 20th century for the commemoration of George V and Queen-Empress Mary and historic and iconic tourist attraction for many people with most visited and among the top 5 best places in Mumbai.

The main landmarks and attractions

Marine Drive is the well-known landmark and most crowded place near the city with the arc-shaped boulevard, which covered the entire city with the beautiful sunset that gives a great look to the city, which makes it attractive. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus is a historic terminal train station and UNESCO World Heritage in Mumbai, formerly known as Victoria Terminus. History Museums in Mumbai like Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, RBI Monetary Museum, National Gallery of Modern Art, Nehru Science Centre, Red Carpet Wax Museum, and a lot more which is attractive and too old that shines like gold in this generation and fast development of Mumbai because of the more Heritage history in India. Bhuleshwar holy site views sacred and religious temples and mosques, which is older for centuries like Shri Mumbadevi Temple, Parvati Temple, Rajgad Fort, and many more.

Business in Mumbai

Businesses in Mumbai is well-known over the world. Mukesh Ambani represents India as the richest person from Mumbai for many consecutive years,with over $53 billion net worth. Small and Big Enterprises are growing stated and growing in high numbers in Mumbai. Services are good compared to any other city. Technology is at the fastest pace in a big network launching every year’s newest things.

Everything is at the peak point in Mumbai at the same time, Mumbai has its businesses that are illegal in drug dealing, and mafia, terrorism, are giving high services in Mumbai, from low class to high-class people hired escorts with the contact now banner placed in local streets and walls in Mumbai and children and adults are trafficked at a younger age and entered into such business made a bad impact and all other things make perfect the city of Mumbai than other major cities in India.

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