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MOT tests are very important to be conducted each year. This fact is best understood by vehicle owners who are always under stress of taking proper care of their cars. In some countries, this also might be applicable for motorcycles, cars, goods vehicles, and other types of vehicles. Ministry of Transport has made this test mandatory in many regions to ensure the roadworthiness and safety of vehicles while been driven.

These tests were commenced in the 1960s and have undergone many changes since they started. For instance, tyre checks were done in these tests in the early days. However, this test evolved and became very complex. It includes checking various elements of the specific type of vehicle. The MOT tests include inspection of the lights, suspension, brakes, bodywork, and many other things.

There are lakhs of repair facilities that are authorised to conduct and authenticate these tests across the world. Thousands of garages must be present in Great Britain itself. The garage is required to be validated by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to be assured that your certificate is genuine.

In case you are not sure if your vehicle is due for a test, you could inquire about the same from the government website. You would just require filling in the registration details of your car and finding out if your MOT is pending or not. Newly purchased vehicles do not require an MOT test.

The test is performed once a year and the owner is provided with a certificate to declare the suitability of the vehicle to be driven on the road. If the owner of any vehicle is found driving it without a valid certificate, then he/she could be imposed with a heavy fine.

Why do cars fail the MOT test?

  • Screenwash was not filled.
  • The car was a mess inside out, which includes the mirrors and windows.
  • Problem with the registration plate incorrect spacing used or letters missing or simply it being dirty.
  • Incorrect placement of stickers on the car’s windscreen interrupting the view of the driver.
  • The warning lights on the car’s dashboard not functioning properly.

All these items could be easily checked and done if you could just pay a little more attention before taking your car for an MOT test.

Preparing an MOT checklist

A valid MOT certificate indicates that your vehicle adheres to the environmental and safety standards as advised by the law. Apart from frequently getting your vehicle serviced, there is a checklist that you could refer to before taking your car for the test.

Indicators and headlights: rear, front, dipped, main beam, indicators, and hazard lights. Check for bulbs that might be broken and change them.

Brake lights: Apply the brake pedal and ask some other person to inspect the lights.

Tyres:The legal depth of the tread should be checked now and then. Check with the help of a coin test by yourself. Also, look for any cut, bulge, or split in the tyre’s tread. The pressure in the tyres should also be regulated as per the manufacturer’s recommendation or the information present on the tyre’s sidewall.

Handbrake:Inspect the tension in the car’s handbrake. If it is sliding upwards and downwards freely and is not getting fixed at a particular level, there is most likely an issue with it that could be fixed by an expert.

Seatbelts and seats:Fully check the seat of the driver and also the length of the car’s seatbelt for any potential damage. The belt should also be able to get fastened securely.

Windscreen:The wipers and washers on the windscreen should be damage-free.

Suspension: The shock absorbers should also be checked by ensuring that they do not bounce more than two times.

Horn:The clarity of the horn should be such that if you drive it could be heard by other vehicles on the road as well as the pedestrians.

Exhaust:There should not be any leaks. You could inspect the same by starting the ignition in an open space at room temperature. You then listen for any abnormal or unusual noise from the rear side of the vehicle.

Engine oil and Fuel:The engine oil and fuel should be filled adequately. The emission levels should also be checked thereby.

Before taking your vehicle for MOT in Leamington Spa if you check all these items by yourself, your vehicle will surely pass the test in the first attempt itself.

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