India is a culturally very rich country that can be seen in its diverse handicrafts that comes from various parts of the world. India takes pride in being one of the most culturally rich countries of the world. The handicrafts of India can be considered as its life that also serves as a means for many families. India finds a huge fan following in various parts of the world when it comes to its beautifully handcrafted products. Indian handicrafts are respected worldwide for its authenticity and beautiful artistry that can leave anybody awestruck. In spite of the increasing demands of the machine-made goods Indian handicrafts has been able to preserve its beauty, craft and demand among the people.

Amazing crafts of India

  1. Pashmina Shawls (Kashmir)

Pashmina is the real beauty to behold that comes from Srinagar. The finished product is transported to the valley of Kashmir. Pashmina is a very fine wool that is entirely going through a manual process from combing and spinning to weaving and finishing. .A dedicated clan of craftsmen work for approximately 180 hours to create one masterpiece that can bedazzle you with its intricate embroidery and multitude of hues. It is soft and very warm. It is said that a real pashmina shawl is so fine that the whole shawl can pass through a ring smoothly. Isn’t it wonderful!

  1. Phulkari (Punjab and Haryana)

Phulkari hails from Punjab and Haryana that revolve around the flower work. It is complex embroidery that is done on scarfs, shawls, suits and sarees in the form of vertical, horizontal and diagonal stitches. Made beautiful by using the yellow or white silk floss. It starts from the centre of the fabric and spreads through the whole fabric. The embroidery is done by using bright hues and looks mesmerizing. Due to it popular among the women iy=t is being incorporated by the famous designers in their collection.

  1. Zardozi (Uttar Pradesh)

Coming from the biggest state of India, it is done heavily on the fabric with gold and silver threads and involves elaborate designs. To enhance its beauty, the embroidery is studded with pearls and precious stones. The immaculate embroidery is done on velvet, silk and even tissue fabrics. It forms a large part of the ethnic wear and especially the bridal lehengas and salwar suits. The cost of the finished products can range from thousands to lakhs as initially it was done with real gold and silver threads but then it was reachable to only the rich and elite. Later on, instead of using real gold silver or precious stones, it is substituted with copper wire, with a golden or silver polish, and a silk thread.

  1. Saris and silks (East and South India)

The sarees are the soul of India that is worn around the waist by the women. This beautifully crafted 4.5-8 meter cloth is draped that makes women look beautiful. The silk sarees that comes from the east are Baluchari saris of West Bengal and Mooga and Assam silk of Assam looks exquisite. The breathtaking designs make it look magnificent and rich. Moving towards Banaras, the Banarasi silk is adorned with gold and silver brocade designs on fine silk that embodies opulence.

South has the most diverse silk collection. Tamil Nadu brings with it the famous Kanchipuram saris. On the other hand, Andhra Pradesh is known for cotton saris that come with rich golden borders and heavy pallus. Irkal is the famous sari of Karnataka that looks captivating with its rich hues like red, royal blue, peacock green, Apart from that the cotton saris are made of dark earthy colours. Not to leave behind Maharashtra’s famous Paithani Saris also join the league of the beautiful silk sarees of India.

  1. Carpet Weaving (Uttar Pradesh)

Carpets can be seen in almost every household that adds to the beauty of the floors. Carpet weaving forms the biggest industries in the country and can rob your heart with its scintillating patterns and designs. Be it flora and fauna or design of a famous monument, you will get it all. Now the carpet weaving industry has also gone through a transition and that can be seen with the coming of contemporary patterns and designs. There are more than 500 carpet manufacturing industries in Bidohi that make it the largest hub of handcrafted carpets in South Asia. Srinagar Silk carpets are also very famous for its beauty and designs that make it desirable among the people.

  1. Bamboo Handicrafts (West Bengal, Assam and Tripura)

Handicrafts that are made from bamboo are much loved in the Indian household as they are lightweight, eco-friendly and keep us connected to our roots. Some of the common items made of bamboo that can be seen in the houses are fruits and vegetable baskets, dolls, toys, musical instruments, furniture, mats, wall-hangings, jewellery boxes and the list is endless. West Bengal, Assam and Tripura are the hubs of the bamboo handicrafts in India where the maximum production is done.


If we try to explore this a little more then we will find that each part of India is endowed with some beautiful art like woodwork and pottery that cannot be kept specifically to one region as it owes it fame to a lot of places, leathercraft can be seen mostly in Madhya Pradesh, Jute craft from Assam and Bihar, Brass handicraft from Rajasthan and Shell work from coastal regions of Goa and Odisha. There are much Government approved shops in India where you can get the glance of Indian handicrafts and handmade home decor items in abundance if you are really a fan.

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