Crises modify many aspects of marketing, forcing companies to understand and adapt to the new environment, new expectations, and new consumer preferences by modifying their marketing strategy in times of crisis. Companies need to know the new conditions, how the competitors are reacting to the new situation, and investigate the new opportunities.

Until now, brands have tried to maintain relevance by associating themselves with charitable causes, or by offering their products or services adapting to the new normal, or more correctly the new reality.

It seems clear that right now most of us are not thinking about what car to buy, what to wear, or what new version of the device is about to come out, hence the repositioning and the need to modify everything planned and programmed.

Similarly, business leaders are more concerned with overcoming immediate difficulties than with planning and undertaking projects that involve investment or increased assets.

Make the right decisions

Unless we offer an important product in this situation we must take care of our promotional actions since although the consumption of media and the permanence in the online environment is higher than previous times, the audience may have other interests at this time with respect to past situations in which was a direct relationship of brand/customer/consumption.

We must focus our communication in this case on content that generates hope and better times. Support for those on the front lines and for the sectors that make it possible for basic services to continue to function normally. These are times when emotions and closeness are more necessary than ever, precisely because we cannot be physically as much as we would like.

If we have a useful product or service in these circumstances, then without a doubt it is time to offer it directly, sure that the promotion costs will be lower as there is less competition, either directly or by search term.

This is the case of:

  • Educational materials.
  • Streaming services.
  • Teleworking tools and platforms.
  • Articles and services for domestic use.
  • Food products.
  • Online sales services.
  • Information services.

May the next crisis catch you prepared

The current crisis has caught many companies, businesses, hospitality establishments, etc., without their homework is done, and when they have seen the opportunity of online sales they have found that either they had not started that path, or they had not taken care of it. enough to take care of the positioning or to have created a community to reach at this time.

As always, haste is not a good advisor, and although you can do “something quick to get out of trouble and save the furniture” time is not bought and in the end, they will be resources that would have had a much greater result if they had been used in your moment. Achieving optimal usability of an eCommerce, being in the first positions at an organic level, or having a good positioning and brand recognition online are objectives that need a strategy and an action plan whose execution has to cover a series phases described in other posts on this blog.

Analyze and continuously improve your marketing strategy

The future is uncertain, it always was, but this time a little more. New opportunities are sure to appear, new ways of doing, and moving forward, of analyzing what is not working to change it.

We are returning to the essence of marketing where brands that know how to adapt to the new reality of this crisis will be stronger in the long term and possibly improve their relationship with their customers.

For this, we must have the agility and flexibility to take advantage of market changes, new customer demands, and be able to overcome threats from our competitors. This will be easier if we have a well-defined Marketing Plan (I don’t know if now it would be more correct to call it a crisis plan) that has the necessary budget and the appropriate strategy.

In these times communication must be clear, honest, transparent, values ​​that if they were not in the essence of the brand we should take advantage of to incorporate them and achieve their strengthening.

By Rohit Singh

Rohit Singh is a professional Digital Marketing Expert. He is a digital nerd and he loves sharing his thoughts through Blogger Cage. SEO, WordPress, Make Money Online and Digital Marketing is his prime interests.

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