You would be delighted to know that Cannabis is one of the most commonly used substances at the time of pregnancy. As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, experts have estimated that around 10% of the pregnant women in Europe and the US have been using marijuana at some point of time or in some form of the pregnancies. The healthcare providers were advised by the American College of Obstetricians not to prescribe the medical marijuana for pregnancy, breastfeeding periods or the postpartum. They also suggested looking for a recreational dispensary if you want to make a purchase decision for the same. You can check out CBD buds or Cheap hemp flowers at these recreational stores. 

If you talk about medical marijuana, it is now legalized in the 19 states, and the legislation is the one that is pending in multiple other states as well. There are none of the states that recommend or approve cannabis usage during the time of pregnancy. However, there are some states that  have considered passing out the laws including the penalties up to incarceration for numerous pregnant women who have been drug screened positive during the births. In the year 2014, the first state was Tennessee that  passed the legislation which criminalizes the drug-using pregnancy. Marijuana is one of the best products and also an illegal drug at the federal level as it is something that is not regulated by the FDA. 

Things you must know about it! 

  • If you are using marijuana, the baby also uses it. The major ingredient in all the active cannabis products is THC. This is one such compound that quickly crosses out your placenta.
  •  It means you and baby are taking it. The only thing is that the baby will receive the blood level concentration for an equivalent or the higher dosage of the THC that you might have received as a mother. Cannabis can be easily detected in you and your baby’s cord in the urine after the birth and while you are in this womb, it will continue to circulate out the baby’s blood for the entire month. 
  • Marijuana is something that can affect your nervous system in two major ways. If you take it in lower doses, it will increase your heart rate, and if you take the high dosage, it will induce a lower blood pressure and slowed heart rate, of course. 
  • At smaller doses, marijuana is something that can make you feel euphoric for sure. You are going to feel relaxed and detached, once you have this dosage of marijuana. In case you consume marijuana in large doses, you will risk a racing heart rate along with paranoia, panic, anxiety, and hallucinations. 
  • It becomes a big challenge for users when they do not know how much THC will they be using as it all depends on the plant to plant and in different types of plant. It is sold in the US and can be highly potent for the users. 

As per the research, it has been observed that cannabis can easily cross the placenta and the blood-brain barrier with all the evidence that comes from the research in case of pregnant women. So, whenever it comes to the pregnancy, the experts think that THC is the one that might change and there are certain receptors in the brain of the baby that might lead to various problems, like attention, problem-solving, and memory. 

Thus, when the baby is exposed to THC in the one to four weeks of pregnancy, the risk of the birth defect and the dangerous birth conditions increase. Sometimes, it happens that a baby might be born without the brain, skull or some other part. These birth defects might be rare, however, the chances are double in case of the pregnant women who use cannabis. 

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