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Air conditioning maintenance is necessary, particularly in a state like North Georgia. The weather conditions are not solely hot or cold. Therefore, air conditioners are used for heating and cooling purposes throughout the year, which is why routine AC repair is crucial for productive results.

There are various air conditioning repair companies in the region. You can hire any of them for AC maintenance services.

Nonetheless, there are some care tips that people themselves need to do to ensure fewer repairs of their AC units. In this article, we have created a list for you to follow that will help you in this tiresome cleaning cycle. If you hire professional HVAC companies, like Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning, they will guide you well and tell you your AC units’ maintaining tips.

Tips to Maintain your AC Units

Following are some of the most effective tips that will assure you a healthy AC unit:

1- Regularly Clean the AC Filters and Coils

This tip is one of the most critical maintenance tasks that will safeguard your air conditioner’s efficiency. Regular cleaning of filters and coils is beneficial to unblock the clogged, dirty airflow. Likewise, stuffed and dirty air filters block normal airflow, which diminishes the system’s performance. The air which comes out is not only polluted but weakens coil’s that are heat adsorbent.

Moreover, replacing or cleaning air filters and coils utilizes less electricity, which reduces air conditioning repair costs. Naturally, outdoor coils become dirtier as they are exposed to dirt, heat, snow, etc. North Georgia’s weather changes more frequently than in other cities; thus, you need to be more vigilant with your AC unit maintenance.

Regular maintenance assures that dirt and debris get minimized by covering the coil and frequently cleaning the area around it. It allows enough airflow to the condenser unit. On the other hand, if they are nasty, they might need to be replaced or cleaned thoroughly by an air conditioning repair company.

2- Keep the Surrounding around the AC Units Spacious

The area around the AC outdoor unit determines the lifecycle and airflow of an air conditioner. With time, grass, leaves, and dirt can build up around it, reducing system capacity and airflow. The surroundings should be regularly cleaned, and there should be enough breathable space for smooth airflow into the unit.

As the weather changes from winter to summer. Heating and air conditioning units should be covered properly. Ideally, they should be removed and stored away until the following season as it will protect them from cold weather conditions.

The seal between the air conditioner and window should also be inspected regularly. Moisture contact with the air conditioner allows cool air to escape and damages the seal.

3- Schedule Professional Maintenance Timely

Yearly or twice a year, maintenance should be scheduled with professionals for the effective working of the AC unit. A professional air conditioning repair company can be easily hired, and specifically trained experts will visit your home to inspect your AC unit. They find and fix specific problems in the air conditioning system.

Leaks, belts of AC, coils, and airflows should be thoroughly checked. These are fundamental guidelines that should be obeyed on every visit. Aside from that, the electric sequence, heating, and cooling systems should be reviewed for they cannot be operated concurrently. Electric terminals and connections should be cleaned and tightened perfectly.

Moreover, a non-conductive layer should be applied if necessary. There are various air condition repair companies in North Georgia, which you can hire and enjoy your air conditioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is HVAC zoning beneficial?

Yes, HVAC zoning is beneficial. Zoned HVAC permits better comfort control, reduced energy bills, and higher energy efficiency. It helps the energy waste to be reduced because your HVAC equipment would not have to work as hard to regulate the temperature throughout the house as it was doing before.

2- Is it beneficial to invest in attic ventilation?

Yes, it is highly beneficial to invest in attic ventilation system. The attic of your home experiences the most sunshine and heat during the summers. It heats up the ceiling, which causes the AC unit to work more than required to keep the temperature moderate.

This way, your electricity bills spike up to unimaginable extent. Therefore, it is better to invest some amount in attic ventilation rather than spending hundreds of dollars every month on the bills.

3- How can I improve my air quality in my home?

You can easily improve your air quality by using the following three units as per your need:

  • Air purifiers
  • Ventilators
  • Dehumidifier

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