Lord Vishnu 

Lord Vishnu is known as the all-pervading God. He is one of the prime deities in Hinduism and is known to preserve life on Earth. Being an integral part of the ‘Trimurti’, Lord Vishnu is highly revered in Vaishnava tradition. 

He is known to have ten forms and is known to live in the most beautiful abode called ‘Vaikuntha’ which is above seven skies. The rich history of Lord Vishnu beholds many enchanting episodes that impart meaningful messages one needs to learn from.

His qualities and lifestyle as mentioned in the ancient Holy texts are so mystical and lavish that it engages the reader to know more about Him.

One of the most enchanting and revered deities, Lord Vishnu as we all know Him has always been a Supreme power who is highly worshipped and has been a guiding force who makes humans lead the correct path.

Apart from the rich history that we all know about Lord Vishnu, there are many other interesting facts that are still unknown to many. Let us throw some light on some of the most interesting facts about Lord Vishnu that most of us are unaware of

Lord Vishnu Facts – You did not Know

  • Lord Vishnu’s iconography showcases Him as a God who has four hands. He holds a conch shell in the left upper hand. Did you know this conch shell represents the five elements of nature? Yes, it is true! This conch Shell or Shankh as we call it represent the five elements. Also, the Shankh being one of the four weapons was skilfully crafted from the bones of a gigantic Whale fish which was named as Panchajanya or Shankhasur.
  • The mace that Lord Vishnu holds in His left lower hand is known as ‘Kaumodaki. The ‘Kaumodaki’ is also represented as a female named Gadanari in a few ancient literary texts.
  • The event on which Lord Vishnu raised his Kaumodaki mace for the very first time was to defeat the cruel and dangerous demon named Kalanemi.
  • According to the iconography of Lord Vishnu, He is portrayed having four arms. These hands symbolise, liberation, success, material wealth and pleasure.
  • The navel of Lord Vishnu is believed to be the core of the eternal cosmos.
  • We all know that Lord Vishnu lives in Vaikuntha but did you know that Vaikuntha is located above Brahma’s abode known as Satyaloka. Also, you will be astonished to know that Vaikuntha is located 26,200,000 yojanas that is 209,600,000 miles above Lord Brahma’s abode.
  • Have you heard about “Panchabrahman”? Do you know what “Panchabrahman” means? Well, Lord Narayana is known to have five important and significant forms of in which Lord Vishnu manifests. These five forms of Narayana are known as “Panchabrahman”. These forms are called as Lakshminarayana, Sheshanarayana, Satyanarayana, Dhruvanarayana and Anantanarayana.
  • In the direction of the Capricorn constellation (Makar Rashi) the abode of Lord Vishnu is situated
  • The Supreme energy is known as Yogamaya, often called the goddess of illusion was formed by Lord Vishnu through His hair, face and eyebrows, a mystic isn’t it?
  • Lord Vishnu disguised Himself as a Brahmin and imparted the vast and divine knowledge of ‘Narayanastra’ to Drona.
  •  Lord Vishnu’s one of the avatars was born to Aditi, the first wife of Kashyapa’s. In this birth, he took the form of a ‘Vamana’. The Vamana form of Lord Vishnu is known as the 12th Aditya or Solar deity. 
  • The supreme knowledge of Vaishnavastra which is the knowledge of Lord Vishnu’s weapons was imparted to Goddess of Earth, Bhumi Devi by Lord Vishnu Himself. After learning about the Vaishnavastra in details, Bhumi Devi passed on this knowledge of weapons and educated Her son Narakasura.
  •  Lord Vishnu as we all know rests in the cosmic ocean. But did you know that He wakes up from His cosmic sleep in an interval of 10,000 celestial years? 
  • There are only to ardent devotees of Lord Vishnu namely Narada and Utanka. These are the only two devotees in front of whom Lord Vishnu appeared in His complete Universal form.

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These were some of the most interesting facts about Lord Vishnu that are lesser-known to masses. There are other facts associated with the deity which too are worth knowing. Let us take a look at these facts:

  • There is a peculiar mark on the chest of Lord Vishnu. This mark is called the Shreevatsa mark. It represents His consort, Goddess Lakshmi.
  • One of the asteroids is named after Lord Vishnu called 4034 Vishnu
  • Lord Vishnu is seen wearing two earrings, these earrings are a symbolic representation of the opposite attributes that are parallel and coexists namely knowledge and ignorance, happiness and sadness, pleasure and pain.
  • We all know that Lord Vishnu has 10 forms but as mentioned in the Siddhartha-Samhita, Lord Vishnu has twenty-four forms. All these 24 forms play a pivotal role. These names of lord Vishnu are as follows
  • Vasudeva
  • Narayana
  • Anirudha
  • Narasimha
  • Damodara
  • Keshava
  • Krishna  
  • Upulvan
  • Govinda
  • Madhusudana
  • Sankarshana
  • Pradyumna
  • Purushottama
  • Madhava
  • Padmanabha
  • Hrishikesh
  • Trivikrama 
  • Vishnu 
  • Vamana
  • Sridhara 
  • Achyuta
  •  Janardana 
  • Hari 
  • Adhokshaja

Surprised, aren’t you? History is very rich and mesmerizing. The life of our deities and the meaning each aspect holds is worth learning. The all-pervading Lord Vishnu has always been one of the prime deities of worship but there are many facts that we are still unaware of.  Through this article, we tried to enlighten you with some of the lesser-known facts of Lord Vishnu which are truly divine and worth adding in our knowledge banks. 

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