If you look back in the past, just 2 years before today, you cannot even imagine that some disease or infection could almost stop the whole world. But if you look at what happened in the last 2 years you can believe that anything could happen in this world. Yes, the discussion is about COVID-19 and the lockdown that was resultant of it.

Have you ever thought that a country like Sweden that is composed of almost 270000 islands can shut its whole system? And this lockdown is not for a day or two, it is for more than 9 weeks. And you know that this is nothing when compared with lockdown in other countries including the likes of China, Russia, America, India, Pakistan, Italy, New Zealand, etc. 

This lockdown period has changed a lot of things in the country. From Immigration laws in Sweden to its refugee policies, everything has changed during this lockdown period. You cannot simply say that lockdown is the reason behind all these changes. Corona Virus and Lockdown both changed things after making a disastrous pair.

Different countries prefer to implement a smart lockdown instead of a complete lockdown. Sweden is also one of those countries which prefer the smart lockdown system. Despite implementing a less strict system, several effects are there. While discussing the effects of something, it does not mean that you only discuss the bad effects. Good effects should also be discussed as it is necessary to view the both dark and bright sides of the picture.

Following are some of the good and bad effects that lockdown has brought in Sweden.

Decreasing the Percentage of Deadly Virus’ Patients

The first positive effect of the lockdown is what for which it was implicated. The purpose of it is to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, and it almost manages to do so. While staying at home people are eating healthy home-cooked food and this has increased their overall health status. It means that they are having more immunity to fight against the virus.

Staying away from other people causes the spread of this virus. In Sweden, a nine-week lockdown managed to reduce the percentage of corona patients by 75 percent and the rate of deaths due to this live eating virus was reduced by 38 percent.

Recovery of the Nature

During the lockdown, people are not allowed to come out of their homes without some specific needs. As most of the departments of life are also closed so workers are also staying at home. This closure of factories and reduced traffic on the roads lead to the recovery of nature.

All the damage we have done to nature began to heal during the lockdown. Air pollution reduction leads to the recovery of the ozone layer as well. This also results in the decreased extremism of the weather. The number of road accidents and relative incidents also reduced during the lockdown.

Effect on Economy

No country can claim that it is protected from a fall in its economic status during the pandemic and lockdown. Although there was a small lockdown in Sweden this was enough to disturb the economy of the country. It shrunk by 8.6 percent during the lockdown status.

But the main thing that affects the economy is the lockdown in the whole world. If Sweden is the only country with a lockdown, then there will not be too much damage to the economy. The reason behind this is that the economy of Sweden mostly relies on its number of exports to other countries. But due to pandemic and lockdown crises, countries don’t show to import from Sweden.

Change in Immigration Laws

Immigration laws are also widely affected by the lockdown. In order to get a residence permit in Sweden, you must have to follow these changed rules. The introduction of new policies regarding corona is a prominent change. You must have a vaccination certificate for the deadly infection. Similarly, you must have to test negative for the corona, otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter Sweden.

Many other effects were also seen during the lockdown, including improved health of people, having enough rest time, and development of the mental approach of society.

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