Many factors influence the type of accommodation for any person. There are several ways in which people’s decision is influenced by the number of their family members and their income so that I can afford a place to live or not. There are many features for which people may want to live in a place, such as a high-rise building which has many benefits and advantages attached with it. And indeed there are some negative points as well.

So, let me describe this topic for my readers without wasting further time and offer some advantages and disadvantages of living in a high-rise building featuring a condo complex as the prime example.

A High-Rise Condo Complex

One of the best advantages of living in a high-rise condo complex is the view that you get from high above the ground. This is perhaps the best and most important factor for anyone looking to live in a high-rise building. And I am not talking about just the 10th or 12th floor. I am talking about skyscrapers with over 50 to 60 floors.

Think about the city of Toronto, and the high-rise buildings are available here. You will be really amazed to see the view from the top as the city looks fantastic from the 30th or 40th floor. And suppose your Condo complex is situated near the waterfront or in the Downtown of Toronto. In that case, spectacular views and scenery await you. In the day, you will see far away with many city highlights available to you. And after the sunset, the night sky of Toronto will look mesmerizing, to say the least.

The Cost Factor

You may think that all the condos that are situated in high-rise buildings will be costly. But this is not the case as you can get affordable condos too. It is the pent-houses and exclusive apartments situated in luxury buildings that are available at premium prices. A 2-bedroom condo will not cost you much, and if you want to rent it out, then there is no problem as it will cost you the same as a condo in even a five or ten-story building.

When we compare the condos available in high-rise buildings to big houses and mansions, too, the cost is considerably low. This is because the covered area of the houses also includes huge lawns and backyards. In addition, the driveway and other places like quarters for the servants can add to space, and obviously, the price tag can be very high. This is not the case with a condo as the covered area is fixed, and there is no way that you can increase that without changing or altering the condo next to you.

The Location 

As discussed above, the location near the waterfront of any city’s downtown area is considered premium real estate property. But here we are not talking about the price factor but the location so that when you will look down from your 40th or 5th floor, it is the view which must be amazing. Never buy a condo in a high-rise building situated between other buildings so that other structures obstruct the view.

Also, check out the condo’s map and layout before finalizing the deal, as the actual place may be different from in the papers. And it’s not just about the building but also the location as you have to commute there from your workplace, place of learning, etc. Think about it as it is usually about the commute to not face any difficulty dealing with this factor regularly. Only when you are completely satisfied with this aspect, then proceed further to sign on the dotted line.


There are always some disadvantages in any place where we live in a high-rise building. It is all about the maintenance and other costs that will incur. Think about all the expenses you have to bear like the janitor, laundry, maintenance of the condo like plumber, and any other person. All of them will charge some extra amount as you must be ready for this. And if you are not comfortable living on high-rise buildings, then look for some other place and don’t go for this just because you’re getting a good deal.

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