The Philippines is an underrated country that’s becoming popular among experienced and newcomer backpackers. Not in easy reach, unlike neighboring nations like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, it usually takes patience and an open eye for a gentleman to enjoy the beauty of the Philippines.

Travelers generally skip the Philippines for many reasons. Location-wise, it’s pretty inconvenient to go around it having an archipelago, and price-point-wise, it’s not quite as economical as its Southeast Asian counterparts. Regardless of this, the Philippines remains a fantastic place to see since it boasts magnificent scenery, unspoiled beaches, and lush tropical greenery.

If you intend to cover this Asian nation a trip, then continue reading. Listed below are top and unique places to see from the Philippines.

1. Boracay

Boracay is a bunch favorite because word of its powdery white sand and crystal blue waters. Previously referred to as the Ibiza of the Philippines because it was a nonstop party location, this island has become an epitome of quiet.

It’s no secret one of the traveling communities on which Boracay island has been closed down from the Philippine authorities so that it might experience significant rehab this past year. The government’s avowed mission is to bring back this piece of heaven to its previous glory. Fast-forward to the finish of 2018; there are currently stricter regulations to guarantee sustainable traveling on the island. Including daily limits on people and also a ban on the single-use of plastics.

2. Manila

Manila has a notorious reputation for its chaotic traffic state, with countless trucks and jeepneys plying through the crowded streets of the concrete jungle. Still nevertheless, Manila is a diamond in the rough.

To get a fast culture fix, go over to the walled town of Intramuros and soak in its overriding Spanish Hawaiian vibe. Using its well-preserved ancestral homes and cobblestone roads, you will easily be transported back in time. While in Intramuros, do not forget to have a kalesa (horse-drawn carriage Philippine style) ride.

3. El Nido, Palawan

Dubbed as the Last Frontier of the Philippine archipelago, Palawan is the most accurate definition of this island life. One of its finest destinations is El Nido, a quaint shore town teeming with imperial limestone karsts from the tip of Palawan mainland.

Whatever your budget is, El Nido has you covered five-star hotel hotels offering lavishly appointed comforts to medium-ranged resorts down to funding backpacking hostels. It, there are loads of lodging choices within this Palawan town.

For beach-goers and sunbathers, Las Cabanas and Nacpan shores are the best bets. Ensure you lather enough hydration to prevent sunburns, as sunbathing is an addictive action in El Nido. Sunset fans might also need to spend their day sipping their ice-cold pina cold their favorite fruit shake when watching the sun go down!

4. Coron, Palawan

Coron is your twin sister of El Nido. By El Nido, Coron is readily available via fast-craft. Coron is as unique as El Nido but has its charm. Its lagoons and turquoise blue waters are inviting, and you may mistake Coron as a location coming off a fairy tale novel. It is that amazing.

Consider getting a flavor of Coron minus the shore by trekking up Mt. Tapyas. Upon reaching the surface, you’re going to be humbled with an excellent view as the sun slowly kissing the sea and fading into the background while the skies envelopes in unique colors. It is that type of memory that will get burnt on mind, and you will thank yourself in the future for such as the Philippines on your ASEAN excursion. Visit United Airlines First Class and find best deals on airfares, hotels and vacation packages to Philippines.

5. Siargao

Siargao, a coconut-filled island at Mindanao, is creating a name for itself. Besides being a renowned surfing destination, Siargao has a great deal to offer on its plate.

An Island hopping tour is limited to 3 different islands: Naked, Daku and Guyam. These islands are just a brief boat ride from the mainland of Siargao, meaning it is easy to pay for these jewels in only half a day.

Another lovely place worth visiting Siargao is the famed Magpupungko Rock Pool. This can be an hour and a half drive in the touristy area of General Luna. The tidal pools are best enjoyed during the low tide season because the enclosed planters make an organic infinity pool, inviting you to get a swim.

6. Bohol

Bohol is home to the famed Chocolate Hills along with the cute tarsiers (a primate). In addition to that, Bohol has numerous layers which you need to peel open to grasp its attractiveness genuinely?

For beachcombers, Bohol is abundant with quite a few beaches, which you may research. Alona Beach at Panglao Island is no exception. Its extended stretch of powdery white sand is ideal for lazying and tranquility below the glorious warmth of the sun.

For adventure seekers, visit Anda and research its series of river pools. Its visited one is that the Cabagnow Cave Pool, reminiscent of the Tulum Cenote from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Anda’s sole distinction is not as crowded, and this sleepy city is home to friendly natives.

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