Plants placed inside look as good as placed on the outside boundary. The place they are kept does not matter because they add a pop of color and beauty to every spot. So, the latest trend suggests incorporating plants indoors as well. They are ideal for covering any dull or empty spaces in your home decor. Indoor plants surely need different conditions to thrive than outdoor ones. Most indoor plants prefer indirect sunlight leaving your window sill empty. But here is a list of plants that survive direct or full sun. You can place these plants near the sunny window, they won’t mind. This way, you can save the spots with indirect sunlight for the plants which cannot face the direct sun. Some of the plants on the list might be hard to find, so you can buy plants online at your convenience. 

Aloe Vera

When I talk about houseplants, aloe Vera manages to find its place in almost every list because it is one of the most efficient indoor growing plants. Aloe Vera is a name that is common in households as it is found in most houses. It is because it is easy to grow and even has many benefits. If you are a keen user of aloe Vera but are too lazy to go out in the garden to pluck it every time, then here is great news for you, you can grow Aloe Vera indoors and that too in a sunny spot. It can tolerate full sun and grow well in filtered sunlight, as well as provide the air circulation is proper. So, an ideal place with both these conditions would be a window. 


I know this is not a very commonly heard name, but the plant is really pretty to be added to the interior space. If you look at the picture, it is a pretty neat plant with textured leaves that are stiff. This plant is proof that even the foliage can be as gorgeous as the flowers. For its care, do not overwater this plant as it requires water only when the soil feels dry. They thrive well in the warm temperature, so placing it in full sun will be ideal. You can add this lovely plant on the window sill and see its leaves add beauty to your space. Since the name is unusual, it might be difficult to find one at the local florist, but don’t worry, you can easily order indoor plants online from any website. 

Sago palm

A palm comes in lots of different varieties, out of which, some are grown indoors, and others survive in outdoor conditions. If your palm often loses its charm and dies off, don’t blame anyone as you might be planting the wrong species in the wrong conditions. If you have a spot in your house that is full of light and no plant seems to stand there, then there is a species of palms that will be ideal. It is called the sago palm. Though it is a slow-growing plant, but still a great pick because it fits really well with the modern setting in the houses. The appearance of the sago palm remains almost the same as it does not give flowers and shed its leaves very rarely. You can add it to your bedroom window, just be careful as the plant is poisonous. 


Last on the list is a plant that gives out flowers. Well, no other plant gives out blooms as big as the ones on the hibiscus plant. A site with solid light is fundamental to maintain blossoms when growing the hibiscus inside. Chop off extra foliage of your plants month to month to keep them reduced and stretching and feed them routinely with potassium-rich houseplant manure. To keep your hibiscus sound, give customary, even dampness, and stay away from soggy soil. The plant is used for its benefits in hair care, so planting it in the house is perfect for home remedies. Hibiscus requires full sun, which makes it not only ideal for summers but also a window plant. 

This is the list of plants that are suitable to be placed on a sunny window. 

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