December is about to end, and 2021 is a few days away from bidding us ado. Every year, old trends go, paving the way for fresh starts, and this year, several fashion shows around the globe have started giving glimpses of the trend statements that 2022 has under its wings.

In this blog, we analyse the global and the local lingerie trends and events and try predicting the show-stealing sexy lingerie for women trends that will rule 2022. This list includes the basic sexy nightwear dresses and lingerie that work both as regular lingerie and sexy lingerie for honeymoon and other special nights.

Animal Prints

Do we even need to mention this? Animal prints have been ruling the lingerie market for years, and 2022 is no different. Several designers experimented with animal prints and utilised these wild skin textures and scales, not only for the hot nightwear dresses especially curated for honeymoon and other special nights, but the regular lingerie. And why not? Animal prints empower the wearer like no one else’s business, and feeling self-confident and sexy every day is each woman’s birthright.

We give this trend a 10/10 and cannot wait for all the animal print lingerie experiments that 2022 will uncover.

Transparent bodycon net nighty

Lace, net, plunging necklines, wide-leg holes are attributes that make nightwear sensual. Imagine bringing all these features together in a single net nighty. Does it seem like an epitome of sensuality to you? It sounds like a sex bomb to me. This stunning pattern hardly conceals anything from him yet keeps the ingredients of seduction in place. Whether you want to flaunt your curves and make him your slave in bed or celebrate your body, this see-through bodycon net nighty is the perfect go-to option for 2022.

Full-length satin maxis

This is an evergreen trend, though the buzz around it varies each year. At times the design seems boring and old school, and when a Hollywood or Bollywood diva styles in it any of their films, commercials, or otherwise, it becomes a trendsetter again. As more and more women are inclining towards sexy lingerie, giving utmost comfort and sensuality, full-length strap maxis have become an apt option for women who desire hotness wrapped in comfort.

Lace High-Waist Panty with Lace Bralette

I cannot get over how amazing the shade card of lavender looks from the darkest to the lilac tones. Wear it under your outfits like a regular bra panty set, or flaunt it with your sassy moves on your special nights with your partner, or style it with a pair of jeans and an unbuttoned white shirt, and let the world see this beautiful bralette.

Printed bodycon nightwear

This sexy bodycon has every right to be flaunted as a nightwear and outerwear option. Wear it, flaunt your assets and drive him crazy, or fuse it with a pair of denim jeans or leather pants, throw in a jacket if you want, add a pair of heels, and walk like a diva as you own the streets.

Is it me or trends that let you restyle apparel excite you to an altogether different level?

Bra panty set with sexy suspenders

Transparent sexy bra panty sets with a plunging neckline and suspenders are not an extraordinary combination in the world of sexy nightwear. However, this 2022 trendsetting bra and panty set comes with a sexy, wide belt on the tummy to hold the suspenders and single-handedly enhances the sensuality of the combo altogether.


These are the trendsetters for 2022. So, grab these sexy nightwear dresses for a honeymoon or other special nights in the queue!

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