Learn Details About What is ANT Radio Service

The ANT radio service is a structure installed by the manufacturer of your phone. This ANT radio allows the pre-installed communication device present in your phone to work. However, it is similar to wireless connectivity.

This characteristic wouldn’t work unless you make use of an app that requires it to function. Examples are the pairing fitness devices you have on your Samsung Galaxy device.

These devices have specification can be installed on your Mobile App. It is pre-installed by the manufacturer as an Android update. This ANT communication hardware is present in your device but requires you to activate it.

What is ANT Plus?

You can communicate with ANT+ products easily with the ANT. For the ANT+ you cannot delete or launch it directly.

With apps activated by the ANT+, you can collect and transfer data. If you want to order, transfer health and fitness data in real-time, the ANT+ helps you do that.

Compatible products or devices solely rests on the third-party Android Application. Although, the ANT plus makes sure Bluetooth connectivity works fine. Do you know what is ant radio service and learn about it here. 

However, these plugins do not have any user launcher icon. They only run in the background to connect with the phone’s wireless components.

What devices use ANT+?

If you are using an Android device (version 3.0) or any other device higher than that but allows USB functions. Then your device makes use of the ANT USB stick plus a USB OTG also known as the On The Go cable.

None the less, the Nexus and Pixel phones make use of ANT+ We shouldn’t also forget the Huawei products as their recent P9, P10, as well as P8, enable the ANT+.

This list will be incomplete if we fail to mention the Samsun series. The Galaxy S5, S6, S7, and S8 all have the ANT+ pre-installed.

If your device doesn’t have the ANT radio service, you would need to install the ANT Radio Service, ANT+ Plugins as well as the ANT USB service too.

Furthermore, devices that run on Android version 2.3.4, higher and have no USB host ability can make use of the Android ANT + accessory too.

The first thing that your mobile device must support is the Android protocol. On Google Play Store (If you use an Android phone) can found the self-loop ANT as an app for installation.

It means that your device supports the required Android protocol to run The ANT radio service; however, you would need the self-loops ANT service also plus a USB A and USB B micro-cable.

The following and many others like these are devices that support the ANT+.


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Xperia T2 Ultra
  • Xperia Z2 Tablet
  • Xperia M2
  • Xperia M2 (Sony Mobile)
  • Xperia Z2 (Sony Mobile)
  • Xperia Z1 S (Sony Mobile)
  • Xperia Z1 Compact (Sony Mobile)
  • Xperia Z1 (Sony Mobile)
  • Xperia Z Ultra (Sony Mobile)
  • Xperia SL (Sony Mobile)
  • Xperia acro S (Sony Mobile)


Purpose of ANT radio service:

The purpose of ANT radio service at times is to lower power consumption than Bluetooth. Unlike the Bluetooth connection, the ANT radio service uses less power.

Sometimes it can be an unnecessary service for individuals who don’t use it. However, one of its purposes can be to save power.

Furthermore, the radio plays the role of a real-time communicator. It establishes communication between your health monitoring device and your phone. The radio service doesn’t affect your phone network signal in any form.

Benefits And Problems Of Using ANT service:

The following are the benefits of Using the ANT service.

  • The ANT service is open to everyone and designed for all apps. It allows compatibility from all devices.
  • While using the ANT service, you can monitor and store data in real-time. For example, you can monitor your heart rate while running.
  • The Universality of the ANT radio service is another benefit. While using it, you can extend its provision to all other smartphones. This feature supports inter-connectivity between sensors and displays.
  • While using the ANT service on your phone, you can share data in real-time. Let us say you have a PC and a bike computer. It is possible to transfer data from your PC to your bike computer and vice-versa.
  • It is simple to use as it doesn’t require any manual installation.
  • When using the ANT function, you create a given node of the network. With this network, you master from one channel to another channel. A complex system can form through this method.

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