Flowers are a lovely gift from Mother Nature to us. They can be used as presents for special occasions or to cheer up a sad person on certain days. Flowers may be used as a sign of love on special occasions in some cases. Flowers can simply be put in your home to bring in some fresh energy and raise your spirits. Flowers can accomplish a lot with very few constraints and make the world a more beautiful place.


We’ve all seen and heard about a variety of flowers in India, such as the well-known roses and lesser-known orchids, but did you know that there is a range of unusual flowers with unique appearances? Many independent footloose flower-hunters now make up the flowers of India group, who fly to different parts of the country and photograph the local flora with their cameras. So, in honor of National Tourism Day, let’s talk about flowers that are special and unusual, and that people travel to see.

1 Tuberose-

In India, the tuberose flower is known as Rajnigandha or Nishigandha because it is often used as a note in perfumes and smells good at night. The tuber is a plant that blooms at night and can be grown in earthen pots or directly in the garden. Tuberose essential oil and absolute are antidepressants that will help you relax when you’re stressed. It’s a hypnotic and sedative oil that can help with anxiety and stress relief. Send flowers to gurgaon online and amaze your special ones. 


Rebe is an endangered medicinal plant that is very rare and was thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered by a team of botanists in Arunachal Pradesh after 115 years. This plant is used to treat dehydration and stomach aches. It’s a tiny vine, about 30cm tall, with two petals.

3.Flame lily-

This is, without a doubt, one of nature’s true incredible beauties. Flame Lily is a plant that grows as a climber and scrambler and produces rare yellow or red flowers with wavy edges that resemble flames. This flower is commonly propagated as a coveted ornamental addition to any flower garden due to its exceptionally pretty appearance.

4.Long flower spider lily-

The red spider lily is Lycoris radiata. These flowers radiate herbs that can be found in nature. It has six petals that are narrow and straight, with six erect stamens. It can also be cultivated in a pot as a houseplant. These flowers have a greenish-yellow centre and are white. center paler central stripe, the leaves are parallel-sided and 0.5–1 cm thick. It’s a cultivated evergreen shrub that looks great in flower gardens and on lawns.

5.Lobster Claw

No list would be complete without mention of extremely colorful and attractive claw flowers. This tropical flower resembling the claws of a lobster never fails to amaze and amaze with its form and colour. This cheerful color originates from bunches of leaves that look like bananas.

6.Siroi lily-

Manipur native flower Sironiflower is one of India’s most well-known flowers, with a fascinating backstory. From its pale pink petals, which are seven colors micrcolorsere it grows, there are many mysteries are said like antibacterial properties, this flower can be used to treat skin and stomach problems.


Plants have been grown with much love and affection for a long time. Flowers have always been admired for their exquisite appearance, delectable scents, and ceremonial significance. Even a fleeting glance at flowering plants may provide a sense of calm, healing, and allure. As a result, placing flowers in the home and workplace is thought to be a noble idea. Giving flower delivery in ghaziabad online to your loved ones is even nobler because it keeps on rising as love towards them.

So, these were some rare and unusual flowers in India. Cherish them and enjoy their rarity! And also these flowers’ knowledge can be shared with your loved ones when sent online to their doorsteps.

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