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Are you thinking of giving a bouquet of flowers to your friend or your mom on their birthdays? Then you should select the flowers according to their meaning. There are a great number of blooms that have their unique meaning. You can express your feelings using these blooms without saying any word.

These flowers, when given, can bring a smile on the face of the receiver. You should better understand the meaning and significance of each flower. The meaning of some of the flowers is explained below. 


These flowers grow in shrubs, which can reach up to the heights of 20m and give an illusion of trees. These bell-shaped flowers can have a red, pink, or white color. It is found in Asia, and it is the national flower of Nepal. All parts of this plant can be dangerous if eaten, so this flower is a symbol of warning.


These are also pretty blooms of red, pink, white, or yellow color, but these also indicate the symbol of warning because these are deadly to eat. A person can die after eating these flower. It is risky to give these flower to someone who might be unaware of bad effects.


The peony blooms can have many colors like red, pink, maroon, or white. You can give these flowers when you are angry with someone for which you can get online flower delivery in Gurgaon


The colors of gardenia flowers can be red, pink, yellow, or white, but these are commonly found in red color, and these symbolize a secret love or untold love.


Daffodils are found in orange, yellow, or white color and are symbols of regard, unrequited love, and respect. These represent the Chinese new year and also symbolizes rebirth and a new beginning.

Meadow saffron 

These pink or purple colored blooms at the end of the summer season and thus symbolize that your best time has past and your past is your prime.


Caladium is a plant with its colorful and variegated leaves. This plant is a symbol of prosperity and great joy. 


Jasmine flowers symbolize elegance and gracefulness. So, give these flower to those who have gracefulness and elegance for which you can flower send online. These pale yellow colored blooms can be more fragrant at night. 


Daisy flower is a symbol of innocence and freshness. These are found in blue, white, red, or pink color. These also symbolize loyal love and gentleness. 


Scabiosa butterfly is the national flower of Mongolia, so it is called Mongolia. These purple or light blue colored flowers bloom in almost all seasons except winter. These are the symbol of power, tolerance, beauty, and majesty.


A kind of tea is made of chamomile flowers as these are considered good for health. Dye is also made, which is used for coloring silk and wool. This flower indicates that there should be energy in your action.


There is a wide variety of gerbera flowers, and these can have a pink, red, orange, yellow, or white color. These blooms symbolize innocence and freshness.

Calla lily 

Calla lilies are not true, but these blooms symbolize striking beauty with its range of different colors. 


These yellow-colored sun-loving flower are favorite of all own to their wide range of uses. You can give these flowers to someone who is intellectual and cheerful.


Red-colored roses are a symbol of love and happiness; therefore these are given to loved ones on valentine days. Yellow roses can be given to friends. White roses are used in weddings, so they are the symbol of new beginnings and purity. You can give red roses their full bloom if you want to impress a girl older than you.


Tulip flowers can range from red, pink, yellow, or white colour, and these are the symbol of deep or true love.

American starwort 

These flowers are used to welcome any stranger, and these grow easily as their pollination can be done by even winds. 

There are more other flowers like Ice plant which are used for commenting on someone’s appearance; Wisteria symbolise happiness, and Hyacinth is for sincerity. Iris flower can be given to those who are wise.

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