Keeping your dental implant dentures clean

  • Successful oral surgery relies on preserving the mouth as fresh as possible. 
  • It will be best if you begin brushing your other teeth as usual with a toothbrush, starting on your surgery night. Avoid touching the operational site for the initial days, but then clean this area with a toothbrush delicately once tenderness allows.
  • Hot salt floss (a cup of hot water with a spoon of salt) is handy for healing in the initial week. Assure that the mouthwash is not extremely hot that it burns the mouth. Hold the hot mouthwash over the treated site until it calms down. Repeat as frequently as possible.
  • Try to put food aside from the treated area for as long as feasible. Rinse after eating anything to keep the area clean.
  • Dr. Joel Baez, Expert in Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry at Signature Dental Group advises not to smoke until the wound has recovered, critically restricting healing in the mouth.

What should I withdraw after my mini implant dentures treatment?

Take care only to consume cold soft drinks and not eat until the local anesthetic has advised. Dodge hot food or hot drinks for the first day, and try not to swill any liquids. Also, make sure not to irritate the treated side with your fingers or tongue. Do not attempt any strenuous exercise at least for 3-4days.

Will there be any bruising or swelling around the implant?

After dental and dentures, you may experience some bruising, soreness, or swelling after the treatment – this stands at peak generally after two to three days. It is entirely natural, and both will settle quickly after a few days. Swelling can be decreased with ice packs (or a bag of iced peas) encased in a towel. Mild analgesics can be easily controlled with painkillers like Paracetamol or iBuprofen. Stay on the cheek area for a maximum of 7 to 10 minutes, having a 15-minute break. After a day, mild heat is more helpful. Resting propped up lightly on two to three cushions may also aid.

What about the stitches round the dental implant dentures?

The stitches are dissolvable yet usually persist for about two to three weeks. If they are painful or bothersome, you may contact your expert dentist to remove them.

Some trivial bleeding after the operation in the mouth is quite normal. If this continues, apply force by biting steadily down over the area on a moistened cheesecloth swab or clean towel for sixty minutes while resting upright. Do not keep holding or replacing the gauze. 

If you have been given an antibiotic program to take next to your surgery, please make sure that you follow and finish it. We wish your recovery to be as smooth and soft as imaginable. It is essential to follow these directions very precisely.


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