Tyres Roadworthy

When it comes to shopping, one thing most human beings crave is quality. It is said that maintaining good quality is not an act but a habit. If we talk about cars and their components, we might not find a single person who would want to compromise the quality because it is directly related to their safety. Your car tyres tackle all the obstacles which come their way without complaining but it results in wear and tear. So, before taking your ‘Hotwheels’ out, it is important to know if they are worthy of hitting the roads.

While there is no black and white answer to this question, there are several signs which indicate whether tyres online Scunthorpe are good enough to roll.


The most important thing to be considered while buying new tyres is their requirements, needs, and the conditions of the area. For example, for someone who lives in a state where the temperature remains very low, might consider buying winter tyres over normal ones. Similarly, if one has to go off-road, they will prefer buying 4×4 tyres or high-performance.

The type of vehicle also helps in determining the type of tyre required. You cannot just use any tyre on any surface.


Tread is the most important part of any tyre as it is responsible for contacting the ground. It is important to know if the tread is in good condition to continue the car ride. When the treads are damaged, they might lead to accidents. In countries like UK and Australia, there are laws that regulate tread wear. If it falls below 1.6 mm, one has to pay the fine.


It is important to know the age of your tyres Althorpe. A very old tyre is not considered safe for driving. If you do not remember the age, you can look at the sidewall of the tyre. You will find the date of manufacture along with the brand’s name.


A tyre that has lost its shape should not be used. People often fall into the trap of buying old tyres as they are cheap but they are not a viable option in the long run. A tyre that has cracks, cuts, etc. might leave you in the middle of the road.


There are generally two things that affect the performance of a wheel – Tyre Balance and Wheel Alignment. It is necessary to ensure that the wheels are perfectly aligned and properly balanced to prevent mishandling. Also, if the wheel or the rim has any dent on it, it should be fixed immediately.


In many countries, to make sure the tyres are roadworthy, a test is performed which is known as the MOT. The MOT test is used to check the condition of vehicles and ensure they are safe enough to roll on roads. It is important to note that an MOT test is very different from taking your vehicle to the garage for service as it doesn’t check the general mechanical condition but examines the vehicle according to safety standards.

It is generally conducted for vehicles that are at least 3 years old and are properly maintained by the owners. Once a car is 3 years old, it should go through an MOT test every year. Although, in Northern Ireland, a car should be 4 years old to take the MOT test.


A car speaks to its owner in many languages and it is important to understand what it is trying to say. If you feel any kind of unwanted noise or vibration in the car, there might be a problem.

As discussed, a tyre has to encounter many things in its journey and it is not surprising that the chances of wear are high. Sometimes, your tyres may look fine in the first viewing but they might be having some troubles. One should acknowledge it as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

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