Whenever you visit any good Italian Takeout you must have wondered if they are using genuine ingredients or not. This concern is especially for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil because all meals are prepared with it in one way or the other.

Why Know Is Italian Takeout Using Authentic Olive Oil?

This concern of yours is very genuine because authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil can make the difference between a healthy body and a weak one. Also knowing that Italian Takeout has the best ingredients will mentally satisfy you.

Important Characteristics About Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You have to know certain general characteristics about Extra Virgin Olive Oil before actually knowing whether the takeout is using the right olive oil or not. The following are some facts and characteristics to note about olive oil.

Extraction From Which Part

It is a misconception in the minds of people that olives are vegetables; using them in cooking salted dishes doesn’t make it a vegetable. In reality, it is a fruit. It grows on branches of small trees and from these fruits oil is extracted.

Countries The Main Cultivators

Although Italy is the main country that cultivates olives in abundance. But the countries that come in the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea belt like Morocco, Greece, Spain, and Turkey also cultivate olives. These countries also produce olive oil.

What Is The Best Use Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is mainly used for salad dressings and mixed with prepared meals. Also if you are cooking dishes on low flame then this is the best oil. Best Italian Takeout doesn’t use this oil for deep frying.

Excellent For The Health

As this oil goes through the initial press; it has the most health benefits. Antioxidants help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Improves the health of bones and efficiency of the brain.

What Other Varieties Of Olive Oil Are Available?

You will find other varieties of olive oils besides this one in many online stores and Italian takeout like Burrata House. These types include virgin, simple, and refined olive oils.

Till What Time It Can Be Used?

You have to look at the date of the cultivation and extraction; after that use the oil within one year of the date mentioned on the bottle.

Tell-Tale Signs Of Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The above-mentioned points must have told you about a lot of things related to the oil. But you have to be fully aware of the signs that surely indicate that the extra virgin olive oil is genuine.

Pressing Process Is Extremely Vital

Have you ever wondered about what extra virgin olive oil mean? This kind of oil is specially prepared when the olives are cold. Also, the olives are pressed one and oil is extracted.

No Use Of Chemicals During Making

Many manufacturers use chemicals to increase the shelf life; which is very dangerous. Italian Takeout never buys olive oil that says use for more than 1 year.

Country Of Origin Has To Be Genuine

Although it is difficult to know about it; but making efforts to find out can be done; to make that the oil is authentic.

Harvest Of Fruit Is Also Crucial

The harvest date of the olives will determine the actual shelf life of the oil. The olives are cooled down and immediately the oil is extracted. So the expiry date of the oil has to be one year after the cultivation of the olives.

What Is The Real Taste Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Experts say that no everyone can taste raw extra virgin olive oil because it has a peppery and nutty flavor. But Italian Takeout has testers who have the sole job of checking the authenticity of all ingredients.

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