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Everybody dreams of a happy and healthy life, however, the connotations of happiness and health seem to have undergone a sea change from our forefathers. Indeed, the meaning of health and happiness had not always been associated with material gains, comfort, luxury, and money. For our forefathers, happy life used to mean a life of contentment with enough to eat and dress and having a home to stay. What was uppermost in their mind was a healthy body and a healthy mind. With the advent of industrial civilization, the connotations of happiness have seen a gradual change. Now, happy life boasts of plenty of material gains, money, comfort, and luxury. This has become our dream – to gain happiness by acquiring materials of luxury and comfort.

Mental Health Issues Arising Out Of Chasing Material Happiness

However, this pursuit of material happiness has also cast a shadow on our mental health, if not physical health. Happiness is critical to success in every sphere of life, and happy people experience good mental and physical health. Yet, the pursuit of material happiness is undoing mental health.

Mental Health Issues In Workplace

Indeed, there is ample evidence to show that mental health problems are on the rise, and one of the most pronounced effects of this can be seen in the workplace. This is one place where you can find people suffering from anxiety, boredom, unhappiness, and depression, a majority of which can be attributed to the workplace and the work, per se. People pursuing material happiness are chasing happiness, but most of the time they are feeling unhappy. Managing mental health in the workplace is a major issue. Needless to say, work is a major part of most of our lives. It is your source of income and also a place to make enduring friendships. Sounds good! but only if you have a fulfilling job. Indeed, a fulfilling job is a prerequisite to your general well-being and mental health.

Managing Mental Health In The Workplace Is Key To Increasing Productivity

Most of the time worries related to work such as deadlines, travel, appraisals get the better of our mental health. Sometimes health, relationships, and circumstances also take their toll on mental health. In the UK, statistics show that value added to the economy by people with mental health problems is as high as 12.1% of the country’s GDP. So, managing mental health in the workplace can add to the economy of a country. Indeed, companies can add to their bottom line by addressing mental health at work. To address this you need to make sure that the environment in the workplace is not toxic and is not contributing to the mental health issues of your workers.

The Role Of Management

Good management is a prerequisite to addressing mental health issues and even preventing them. There is evidence that workplaces that promote mental wellbeing are more productive, and that this can increase productivity by about 12%.


Managing Mental Health In The Workplace is not just an employee issue, it is also an employer issue. Indeed, it can enhance employee happiness and productivity. 

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