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Do you aspire to be in control of your safety and defend yourself when needed? It’s time to buy a Karambit knife to keep bad guys away and be your hero.  

Untrained individuals have different comfort levels when it comes to using weapons. It’s important to keep something close for self-defense, but you don’t need something complicated or technical. The ideal weapon would be easy to use and operate and safe to save on your person at all times. These concerns are all addressed with the fantastic Karambit. Unlike the heavy and incredibly high-maintenance weapons like guns, knives are suitable for inexperienced people.

What Is A Karambit Knife And How Is It Used?

  • If you’re wondering, is a Karambit a pocket knife? It is; you might be familiar with Swiss army knives, Karambit knives are similar to them in size. 
  • Instead of the standard straight blade, Karambit knife has curved blades with pointed edges.
  • Karambit is native to Indonesia but has been quite popular in the U.S. for a while now. 
  • It was initially made for agricultural purposes for harvesting crops. The curved nature of the blade made it favorable for self-defense as well.
  • The Karambit pocket knife features a ring at the end of the handle to make it easier to withdraw and hold. 
  • The ringed handle also allows the knife to be flung and thrown at someone from a distance if you’re a good shot. 
  • It is a folding and opening knife, so the curved blade closes into the handle when not in use. 
  • You can use the folding Karambit to escape traps, locked spaces, and operate with one hand if restrained.  
  • While camping in the wild, a Karambit can also be useful in foraging herbs and fruits.
  • You can use the sharp blade for cutting rope and wood. It would also guard against wild animals in the forest.

The Kinds Of Karambit Knives Available In The Market

There are essentially two kinds of structures you can find in Karambit knives. The manual karambit folding knife and the spring assisted one. The manual one needs two hands to close and is safer to keep around you. The spring-assisted Karambit is easier and quicker to use, so it’s ideal for emergencies.

You will most likely find both varieties in abundance in local stores and online ones. They are quite popular as survival and defense tools and hence used widely. If you haven’t used them before, caution is recommended, and you should consider practicing with the blade before using it regularly.

Nifty But Dangerous Blade – Is A Karambit Knife Legal?

  • The Karambit blade’s convenience and quick action are undeniable, but it isn’t your run of the mill knife.
  • Some states in the U.S. classify the Karambit as a switchblade and hence illegal.
  • But given the blade’s handiness and its prevalent use in farming, it’s legal in controlled environments.
  • You can use them as utility tools, and any Karambit blade shorter than 3,5 inches is legal to possess.  
  • There is an age limit on the purchase and use of a Karambit, and they are illegal for sale to minors.
  • Along with that, brandishing a Karambit in public to threaten someone or hurt them is also punishable by law.

Where To Get Karambit Knife For Sale?

When you think about pocket knives, a Karambit is not the first thing that pops in your mind. But people who have used them know how swift and sleek they are. There are multiple ways to acquire the best Karambit

  • You can check out your local weapon stores and find handy knives that fit your bill. 
  • There are also multiple swap-meets between collectors where you can get quality karambits.
  • You can legally order export-quality karambit knives online. Some online retailers have an impressive collection of karambit knives for sale.  

How Much Is A Karambit Knife?

Depending on your utility, there are two kinds of karambit knives you can get. One is the simplest, merely functional karambit that’s ideal for farming and household chores. The other is the tactical karambit made for survival training and self-defense that’s a little technical.

The deciding factor is that whichever one you want to buy, the price will not be a huge factor. You can purchase a high-quality, durable karambit blade for as little as $5. That’s right; if you are looking in the right source, you can buy the best blade you want without spending too much. 

Wholesale Karambit Knives Are Available At Knife Import 

Unlike many other local stores and online sources, Knife Import hosts the best collection of karambit knives in the U.S. Out of hundreds of designs; you can indeed find one that is useful for you in their inventory. You can search for their online store, and you will get a full list of the best karambits for sale.

The reason their products are favorable is that they sell wholesale knives at lower rates. You can get the most technical karambit knife for your messy adventures. You can even get bulk orders to sell on your own. Whichever weapon you choose, you will have plenty of options to choose from without being hindered by your budget. So start exploring the low-cost knives collection at Knife Import today to find the ideal blade for you!

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