Just like any other person facing issues and challenges in their respective work atmosphere, a Quality Assurance Software Tester also faces some problems while working on a testing project. Though these can differ from person to person and project to project. But there are some areas where most of the Software testers find some specific issues to deal with.

Not considering Code changes

Alterations in the internal code and structure of the program is something which is inevitable. Mostly the Testers don’t pay attention to it and forget to consider that there might be some last minute changes in the requirements of the application or software being tested. This can be totally frustrating for the QA Tester and can even lead to redoing the whole process of Testing. Hence, its of vital importance to keep in mind about any additional feature or code modification to maintain the stability and integrity of Testing.

Inadequate Project Knowledge

Most common reason for facing challenges while testing is having insufficient and half information regarding the basic requirements and specifications of the developed application. QA Testers must have a proper and deep knowledge about the client needs and the features of the Software or app. This helps in navigating their Testing journeys with ease.

Insufficient experience with Automated tools

The testers are required to be professional and proficient in using various Testing methods including manual and automated Software Testing with the help of high-end tools. Automated tools reduce Testing time and yields faster and accurate Testing results. Therefore, its highly recommended that Quality Assurance and Software Testers should have a complete knowledge about various Testing techniques and methods.

No coordination between Testers and Developers

A successful Software Testing requires healthy coordination between the Testers and the Developers. Without proper collaboration between the two from the very beginning of the Testing process, can make Testers to take some ill-informed and random decisions. If the Testers are not familiar with the internal structure of the codes, they can have a hard time identifying the system flaws and creating respective test scripts. This can lead to delay in product launch and some tensions on professional front can arise between the two. 

If the Testers address these challenges, it can make their lives a lot easier to make automated or Manual Software Testing effective and reliable.

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