It is never fun to tackle an overflowing toilet but at the most unexpected and unpleasant moment, it always seems to happen. And, this is, even more, worst when you need to handle it with close coupled back to wall toilet. We are not really worried about the overflow of the toilet (although this information is always useful for the future) because time is important in this situation and we just want to avoid this immediate issue as soon as possible. But let us look at potential triggers first so that in the future you can stop this problem. It is simpler than you might imagine. Your trap, drain, or bowl will be partly or entirely blocked. So, what indications could happen that may your bowl be blocked?

  • Toilet is not properly drained
  • Toilet does not flush.
  • Overflow of toilet
  • Toilet flushes in half

To stop the overflow of your toilet immediately:

  1. Pick up your lid tank. Remember to put the deck gently through the toilet bowl so it does not fall and break.
  2. Need to get in the tank and bring the valve down. This prevents the tank from dumping water into the bowl. The valve of the bowl is rubber and is normally in the middle of the toilet tank. And do not worry, there is water in the tank toilet, so do not fear placing your hand into the water to reach it.
  3. Lift the float to control the fill valve for the toilet tank. This stops the toilet bowl from filling in since water from the toilet supply line would avoid entering the tank. The flapper at the base of the tank will shut off. Remember!


You see the level of water drop steadily in the toilet bowl and keep the toilet tank rising at the top. This means that the tank or toilet bowl can no longer collect water. If the water level has returned to normal after a few minutes, you can unblock the toilet tank. Without overflowing, the tank and bowl get refilled.

What IF…

You can see that the water level in the toilet tank does not go down in many minutes, keep the float up and close by turning the toilet supply valve near and behind the toilet. You may need someone else to help you close the valve to keep the float up. If you cannot switch it or the valve breaks and results in significant leakage, do not push your toilet supply valve.

And IF…

You cannot close the valve or remove the small hose that sends water from the vertical standing tube if you do not see the valve in close coupled back to wall toilet. This tube is rubber or plastic. Take the tube and insert it into the tank for the toilet. You should let the float fall at that point and the toilet tank can be filled. You should clip the tube back on your toilet tank once it has filled up and does not worry about overflowing your toilet tank.  Try to note that when you are in this situation, it happens occasionally to anyone and everyone. At least you can save your toilet from being overrun and maybe support a friend if they face the same issue in the future.

It Can Be…

Please be mindful that the toilet must be within 2 m of the water zone of your home when fitting your toilet. If your close coupled back to wall toilet is further away than it is required to compress the residue from the toilet to be able to pass via the waste tube. More effective than older toilets are new toilettes and can consume no more than 6 litres per flush than 9. In addition, many toilets are now made of half and full water-saving flushes. Choose a toilet that uses as little water as possible in a suitable build for your bathroom.


Perhaps the most important thing about your bathroom is a toilet. While many people have the traditional enclosed toilet, many other toilet designs are often ignored including back to wall toilets UK. You should look at the various available models before you purchase a new toilet for your bathroom.  You can search for a complete range of toilets from the online market in the UK. Just search your required query and enjoy saving search and traveling costs with the Royal bathrooms. Have fun!

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