Yes, it is absolutely necessary to consult the astrologer before buying gemstones. The gemstones are worn to bring down the malefic impact of certain planets. The gemstone is nothing but the mineral crystal which is cut and polished to bring it for commercial use. There has been a never-ending grace for the gemstone due to its benefits. There are many gemstones, and each one is unique in colour and other properties. All of the gemstones are certified, and it is advisable to choose a certified gemstone. There is more number of precious stones available, and they are classified as semi-precious and precious stones.

According to astrological science, gemstones are the perennial source of positive energy. This positive energy is also referred to as the divine powers. They have the potential capability to increase the particular planet’s strength. They also have the capability to weaken a particular planet. Each planet is responsible for particular aspects such as health, wealth, power, prosperity, finance, family, marriage, etc. Each gemstone denotes a particular planet. And for every person, they have a birth chart, which describes the planetary position of the planet. Many Jewellers Hatton Garden have in-house astrologers to make it easy for customers to get the consultation.

The astrologer is someone who predicts the future with the help of the planetary position, which is known as pseudoscience. They are experts in predicting the future of the person with the help of their birth chart. The expertise of the astrologer is measured with the number of years of experience of the astrologer and the number of predictions they have made so far. Some gemstones like jade, onyx, and turquoise have less impact on the wearer. Some gemstones like ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc., are having significant power. So it is risky to wear a gemstone that is strong enough to impact one’s future positively and negatively. In this case, an expert astrologer’s advice would help us a lot.

As the planet exerts negative radiation, while the gemstones radiate positive radiation. So, gemstones are selected for planets that have the most negative impact. If we wear the correct gemstone, the particular planet exerts negative energy, and the gemstone that we are wearing exerts positive energy. Thereby both energy nullifies each other. According to Vedic astrology, energizing the gemstone is important. Many astrologers do this on their own. It is believed that the positive energy of the gemstone is increased by doing this.

In order to acquire the most benefits of the gemstone, it is important to receive and follow the expert astrologer’s advice. Powerful gemstones such as ruby, emerald, and sapphire, are capable of showing fortune as well as misfortune to the wearer. Some people prefer their gemstone on engagement jewellery. Nowadays, many couples are looking for an alternative to diamonds for their engagement jewellery. So if you are planning to buy Engagement rings hatton garden, will be having astrologers appointed in the shop. So it is easy for the buyers to get a consultation while buying the jewellery.

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