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Camper trailers come in many sizes and for different budgets. Camper trailers make for good adventurous journeys and are also cheaper. However, that hardly means camper trailer travel is safer. And no matter what damage it might cause, what could be better than camper trailer insurance that can protect. However, note that Ohio state laws don’t require you to have insurance for your camper trailer, but everyone doesn’t want to rule out unfortunate events on the road. Here are some of the instances where camper insurance might seem necessary to you:

 If you use the trailer as a motor home

trailer as a motor home

 Motor homes are smaller versions of a house, and it has living space, separate kitchen and sometimes even television and other things depending on your preferences. So if you use your trailer as a motor home, you will need liability insurance. Full insurance is probably not necessary, but minimum coverage is a wise decision. You can start with considering the value of your camper trailer, the chances of damage or loss, and your ability to self-insure.  

 If you have financed your trailer


If you have taken out a loan to buy your trailer, it is likely that your lenders – banks, financial companies, online lenders, etc. – will ask you to buy fully comprehensive insurance to protect their interests. If for any reason, you do not buy insurance, your lender will probably buy it for you. However, it is recommended that you buy yourself because the bill that comes from their side after they have bought the insurance for you will be greater.

If you have rented your trailer

Do you rent out your trailer often? If yes, you should know that any damages that occur while your trailer is under renting, it is you who will be held responsible. Any damages that occur will be paid by you and the loss. Sometimes your auto insurance coverage might extend to renting trailers, but if not, you must get additional insurance coverage. 

Here are instances where camper insurance is not necessary

If you own a towable trailer

own a towable trailer

Sometimes towable trailers are a blessing when you travel somewhere, and you don’t want to pay for a night at the hotel or motel. It is likely that your auto insurance policy will extend their coverage to your towable trailer.

 Note that a towable trailer that is not drivable is more fit for this category.

 If you own all the rights to your camper trailer

 If your trailer isn’t bought on loan, it is basically your property alone. This also means that you are not required to buy insurance. But it is still recommended you buy one because any loss or damage of the trailer itself or the properties inside it may cause a great deal of loss, and without insurance, it might take you forever to cover it. 

 But it is only true for Ohio State as it doesn’t have a mandatory law for having trailer insurance. 

 What does your trailer insurance include?

 Camper insurance is not much different from car insurance. However, camper insurance will likely have added protections that are meant for the trailers. Take a look at the minimum coverage limits which the state of Ohio requires for trailer insurance.

 $25,000 per person in case of an injury or death in an accident

$50,000 per accident in case of injuries or death

$25,000 per accident in case of property damage

 Note: The minimum coverage values are likely to change over years. Please contact your insurance agent for the latest values and details. 

 Is the camper trailer your full-time residence? Then insurance is more than necessary.

 Having your camper trailer as your full-time residence requires insurance that is not much different than home insurance. Here is the policy coverage of a trailer as your full-time residence. 

Personal liability: Covers liability claims and legal defense costs when someone is physically injured or if you have property damages within the premises of your trailer.

 Medical payments to others: Covers medical expenses of others when injured while being on your trailer. 

Loss assessment: Covers the loss assessment that results from members of an association.

Storage shed contents: Covers all your personal contents while your trailer is in storage. 

 Are you looking for camper insurance?

camper insurance

For more details and understanding of camper insurance, you can get in touch with a professional Ohio insurance companyOyer Insurance Agency is an auto insurance service provider based in Wooster and provides affordable insurance policies. 


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