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We are constantly using the internet service, we can’t go without it for a moment, but few people know about it. We all use the internet, don’t we? But how many of us know what the Internet is? Without going into any structural association, if I simply say what is internet then it is an invisible magic net that contains all the computers, smartphones in the world. 

With the help of this magic net, you can participate in a wonderful communication system, through which you can connect your home computer with the computer in other parts of the world in a matter of seconds. In easy language, you can connect with other country’s people who are far away from you. Those who are love to watch online movies on soap2day app; can do it easily with the help of internet service. 

Unknown Facts about Internet Service: 

Below you can find out the unknown information about internet service

Increasing Internet Users: 

About 7.3 billion people around the world use the Internet. Surprisingly, 50% of that 7.3 billion means about 3.5 billion people come from Asia. It would be even more surprising to know that if the internet were shut down for a day, there would be around 200 billion emails and 5 billion Google data pending. This will close hundreds of billions of transactions. This will one day cause the global economy to collapse. People are more dependent on the internet. If they need to know about Adam Beach then they first try on Google. 

4 Billion People without Access To The Internet: 

You might be surprised to know that 6.3 billion people are using the Internet service. But did you know that 4 billion people in the world are deprived of access to the Internet? This is a United Nations report that shows that about 4 billion people in poor countries and minorities in several countries do not have access to the Internet. 

Most Used: 

Although their government has banned many websites in China, from Facebook to YouTube, you would About 200 million people use the internet here. Whose age are 15 to 35 years? The search result about Sheryl Berkoff is available on the internet. 

First Website: 

The most interesting thing is that the first website built on the Internet service is still there today. The site, created on August 7, 1991, is not yet closed. However, the original domain is missing. The Computer at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the CERN team collects the first website of the world created by Tim Berners by linking it to their official domain. Discover the world’s first website on the Internet. 

First Webcam: 

The first webcam was made at Cambridge University to monitor a Trojan coffee pot. A 128×126 grayscale image was kept as a video stream. In this situation, webcam plays a vital role for any business. Due to digitalization worlds various offices run from home. So for an emergency meeting, they need a webcam. 


204 million emails are exchanged on the internet every minute. And did you know that it takes 200 billion electrons to exchange an email? At present email-marketing increase rapidly. So with the internet service, people can easily communicate with each other through mailing.  Various businesses depend on mail service and their daily tasks, payment methods all these things happen with email and also an internet connection.

Internet Load Shedding: 

We can use the internet at any time of the day. It takes about 50 million horsepower energy to run the internet worldwide and this power supply is uninterrupted, so there is no question of load shedding.


In our daily mainly in our modern life, internet service is the way to make our life easy. So, reading this post will help you to know about internet service.

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