The dynamics of marketing your brand have changed completely with the advent of digital marketing platforms. Social media marketing hasn’t gone out of style. But, that isn’t enough. Relying on social media to promote and sell your product is a rational action once you have a social media marketing strategy in place. 

The excellent method of promoting is through customer-generated content that sells your brand. Your audience is more interested in the experience and genuine testimonials from customers. And, Instagram is the perfect platform to find such content. 

We cannot deny the fact that social media is a powerful marketing tool. But, wouldn’t it be great if you can streamline your updates and postings through one source? Instagram aggregator is one such solution. 

Here is a comprehensive blog that will give you a clear idea about what Instagram aggregator is and what are the key benefits associated with it.

What are Instagram Aggregators?

Instagram Aggregator collects engaging feeds from your Instagram business page and embed it to your website. In common parlance, the content you add to your page will be updated and displayed across the website. It is a seamless solution that upgrades the engagement, traffic & revenues of your brand.

It gives your website a modern, engaging and attractive look. Your website wall gets updated with the  post you share on instagram. 

The content on instagram can be assembled using various methods such as hashtags, mentions, handles, pages, keywords and many more. It is helpful in expanding your brand’s reach, boosting website performance and increasing conversions. 

Imagine, your audience sees an instagram aggregator on your website that displays the reviews and posts from your happy clients utilizing your services. Seems interesting, right? It will develop a sense of trust among your potential customers. They are more likely to take your brand seriously. Oftentimes, social proof does wonders for you which a fool proof marketing tactic cannot.

Benefits of using Instagram Aggregator for your website

  • Instagram Aggregator builds trust among your potential customers :

Your audience is more rational while taking a buying decision. Marketing campaigns are sometimes questionable. Hence, for a better user response, marketers are more focused towards utilising user-generated content. Flashing them on your website develops a trust in them. They feel acknowledged and can turn out to be loyal customers for your brand.

Verbal evidence intensifies the loyalty of your target group. They are coherent decision makers so be wise about the type of content you curate. Your customers are the one who spreads the word. It refers to the theory that people tend to adopt the opinions or actions of people they trust.

  • Increased engagement and revenues :

Brands are rapidly advancing towards instagram to connect with the diverse audience. Since people have a rationale while exploring instagram, you are likely to make a lasting impression. Also, your brand gets recognition.

Embedding instagram feeds transforms your website which looks more appealing and engaging for the users. The website traffic increases subsequently and the bounce rate is likely to decrease. As a result, revenue and leads scales new heights.  

  • Instagram aggregator brings vitality to the brand :

Instagram aggregator is a suite of technologies that helps marketers in humanizing the brand. It curates and showcases the user generated content on their website. It allows marketers to reach out to the audience beyond their existing customers. 

The new hashtag campaigns will receive user endorsement and few may turn out to be fruitful in the matter of brand recognition, lead generation and attracting loyal customers. Instagram aggregator is a leading tool that keeps your website upto the minute. And undoubtedly, UGC serves as a cherry on top. It glues your audience to the brand as they observe the avidity. 

  • It decreases bounce rate on the website :

What is more engaging than displaying your Instagram wall on your website? Instagram aggregator draws the attention of your target audience and increases website traffic. It curates relevant Instagram feeds and discards the unexciting ones.

Instagram aggregator makes  your website worth spending time. Hence, increasing the online reach. Gather all the UGC into a single feed and drive the attention of your intended audience. 

  • Transforms your website into a holistic platform :

Your audience usually prefers a platform which is simple and effortless to explore. Extending them a platform to explore your instagram feeds and UGC, compiled through campaigns, increases customer loyalty and retention.

Instagram aggregators streamline your website and give it a neoteric look. Your brand’s website should be as fascinating as the brand itself. The monotonous look might result in higher bounce rate and a substantial decrease in the engagement. 

  • Instagram Aggregator can customize your social wall :

Before embedding Instagram feeds on your website, customize them as per your requirements with oodles of options available.

Customize your Instagram wall on the website with customization features such as layout options, embed themes, color styles, banner, content styling, etc. Design and compose discrete social posts, visual galleries, etc. 

  • Instagram Aggregator is completely coding-free :

Use an Instagram feeds Aggregator, curate your user generated content, feeds and embed them on your website.

Wasn’t that simple ?

Embedding feeds is coding-free and doesn’t require expertise. Anyone with no technical expertise can integrate them effortlessly. 

Aggregator liberates you from the complicated and pesky coding techniques. Get access to the updated Instagram feeds on your website with just a few clicks.

Final thoughts –

Most aggregators are simple to embed on your website. All you need to do is sign up on the website of the provider, specify the requirements and you’ll generate the short code to integrate on your WordPress website.

The best advertisement for any brand is their satisfied customers. In the digital marketing ecosystem, aggregators work as the glue that helps entities such as businesses, marketers and sellers easily connect with their potential customers.

Also, the ease with which Instagram aggregators can be customized and installed is one of the things that make them so powerful and also desirable. So, if you are looking for some productive methods of marketing your brand and adding a zeal to it, you should definitely give Instagram Aggregator a go.


By Emilioscott

Emilio scott is a digital growth marketer & WordPress developer with 6 yrs of marketing experience. In her role, she creates strategies that help businesses to grow by aggregating social mediacontent.

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