Vastu on your home

We might have often heard our elders saying and scolding to -“keep you room nice, tidy, and clean.” The place we live speaks volumes about the person living in that place. Not just our room, but our entire house, starting from the living room, to kitchen, to bedroom, to bathroom, everything holds a story. A story about our life and how we live, in each place. No matter how big or small the house, the way we keep it and shape it reflects everything about our personality. The condition of your place, has a huge impact on your mood. We often go to places like restaurants, hotels that has nice ambience, and are clean, then why do we procrastinate or act lazily when it comes to cleaning our room. A messy house can debase your mood and an orderly place can uplift your mood. Studies have stated that a clean place tend to seep out more optimism than an untidy place.

Generally, people blindly follow a myth that only a giant expensive items can be used to garnish certain places of your home. Let me break your bubble, small decorative pieces have the powerto make your place more lively. These pieces are overlooked by us, but the truth they add life to those places. It could be a small lamp, a furry rug, or small statue. You would love when someone visits your home and drops by a compliment, appreciating the vibe and décor of your place. You place definitely gives a clear insight about your lifestyle. Even the littlest intricate details of your home play a significant role in making it look like a masterpiece.

It is believed by our ancestors that the kitchen is one of those places that derives energy which helps us in acquiring great health and gives motivation. There is a list of important factors that one should pay attention to while designing their kitchen. Some guidelines your vastu for kitchen

  • Vastu Shastra says that the creator of fire- Agni- predominates in the southeast direction of your home, which means, your kitchen should be ideally placed in the southeast direction. Northwest direction is also the second alternative.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, you should not construct your kitchen in the north, northeast, or southwest direction as it might ruin relationships between your beloved ones. All the appliances depicting fire like the gas stove, cylinders, toaster, microwave, and other kitchen equipment should also be kept in the southeast direction.
  • The cooking range and washbasin should not be parallel or on the same line.  Water and fire are known as thetwo opposing elements, and these both might cause a negative impact on the person’s behavior.
  • It is recommended to place the washbasin, water pipes, and the kitchen drain in the north or northeast direction. It is important to maintain an appropriate balance between fire and water elements. Vastu says it will help you in flourishing in the matter of good health and wealth.
  • The essential items like grains, salt, sugar and others should be placed in such a way that you face east while cooking. The refrigerator and grains’ storage should be in the southwest direction as these positions brings peace, good luck, and prosperity.

Let’s talk about Vastu for staircase of your home-

  • Build staircases in the west or the south direction- These direction are said to bring excellent health and prosperity. The stairs in your home should start from north direction and go towards the south or east towards west.
  • Use light colors- Paint your staircases with light colors. For example, pinks, pastel yellow, or blue; these colors give a soothing visual sight and induce a positive energy.
  • Keep staircase on the side- As per Vastu Shastra, it is told to keep staircase on the side as it is believed that it allows the flow of energy without any obstruction.
  • Stick to odd number of steps- According to Vastu, you should have odd number of steps i.e. 9,11, 15, 21and so on, as these are considered to be the most auspicious.
  • Avoid spiral staircases- These type of staircases might tempt you but Vastu principles state that they are considered to be irregular and imbalanced. It affects the energy in your home.

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