Incentive Event Ideas

Supporting and promoting corporate culture is one of the main aims of high-ranking organizations. It is not possible without socialization among the corporate team outside of the work. In countries like the United Arab Emirates, where the workforce belongs to various nationalities and ethnicities, the organizations have to play their role in breaking the ice.

Conducting events for the corporate team is one of the best and most common ways of boosting socialization, bonding, and a little friendship among them. In addition to it, offering incentives to the teams is an important way to encourage them to work hard. Combining the two in the form of incentive events has become a popular event category that excites the corporate teams.

Dig deeper into this article to explore some of the best incentive event ideas for the corporate teams and pick the one that gets your attention.

Top 7 Ideas to Organize Next Incentive Event for Corporate Teams

The hardworking teams and workforce are the strength and the real reason for the success of corporate organizations. Although employees are rewarded through handsome packages and bonuses, it cannot replace the importance and excitement of events that provide a little and healthy break from work and help the teams enjoy freely. Organizing an incentive event can easily facilitate the achievement of all these purposes.

Here are the top ideas to organize the next incentive event for your corporate teams.

1. Field Day

The first incentive event idea for your corporate teams is to organize a field trip. Do not get worried; it should not be related to work, although the teams can explore the work at the field and develop insight into the operations. You can ask the workers to take on the role of field workers to develop a little fun and excitement in the event.

2. Trampoline Party

Offering a little break from work with exciting activities is surely the best kind of incentive event. Everyone has a little child in themselves who want to ignore society and enjoy it to the fullest. You can provide this opportunity to your teams by organizing a trampoline party. Most adults envy the kids enjoying this. Now you can let your teams awake their inner child and enjoy.

3. Golf Day

Conducting a golf day is more of a typical corporate incentive event. You can organize tournaments among the top management and various departments to make the event more fun and exciting. A healthy competition outside of work is the best way of strengthening bonding among the teams. Most corporate organizations hire the service of event companies in Abu Dhabi to organize a perfectly managed golf day and sit back to enjoy without worrying about arrangements.

4. Themed Lunch Party

Corporate lunch and dinner parties are not a new thing. However, you can spice up things with a little twist by organizing a themed lunch party. You can honor your loyal clients from other nationalities or ethnic groups by opting for a theme of their culture for your lunch party, or you can also pick some theme relevant to your team members. It will make them feel valued and help others understand them better.

5. Stand Up Comedy

Who does not love and needs a good laugh! After a hectic day at work, enjoying a comedy show is the go-to activity of workers to get rid of their tiredness. However, you can replace it with something like a standup comedy show. You can organize a surprise event at your office right before its time to clock out, so your teams leave the office in fits of laughter.

6. Yoga

Although some team members have to roam around the office building to get their work done, most of them stick to their desks from morning to evening. Such a habit and work routine takes a toll on their health. Taking care of the health of your teams is surely your responsibility too, which you can fulfill by organizing a yoga event and letting your teams learn from professionals.

7. Pet Gala

People of this era are more kind and loving towards animals. Almost every other person has a pet these days. You can organize a unique incentive event for your corporate teams in the form of a pet gala. Ask the employees to bring their pets and organize activities related to them which will boost bonding among team members too. You can get event companies in Abu Dhabi onboard too to take care of all the arrangements and put together a flawless event.

Plan an incentive event now!

When summer season is right around the corner, it is the best time to offer a little entertainment and activity to your corporate teams. So, contact the professionals now and organize an entertaining incentive event for your teams. Try to keep the element of surprise to boost the excitement of your teams.

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