For being a fitness freak, you just can’t imagine your life without a regular workout. Having a personal gym setup at home is what most of the hardcore fitness lovers always prefer to do daily exercises and training when they lack spare time to hit the gym. The advantage of installing basic home gym equipment helped many people to stay indoors & healthy during pandemic days. However, regardless of the care & maintenance of all workout tools & gears you have at your home, relocating them to a new location is also a big tedious task for anyone as only packers and movers do this job with ultimate professionalism.

packers and movers

Moving your home workout equipment can’t be done single-handedly as these heavy and bulky tools for the gym are connected with delicate parts. Lifting heavy weight equipment is a bit dangerous if not done under the supervision of trained & competent packers and movers in Delhi NCR or anywhere in India. You might have moved your home gym equipment on own within your residence but shifting them in the absence of professionals to another city/location will cost you more than hiring a reputed moving company for full-service shifting as risks of damages are high.

Taking complete precautions is very important for the safety of your home gym equipment during their movement. There is no doubt that self-moving those heavy dumbbells and weights is itself a tough workout for anyone but things become tricky when it comes to packing and loading them to the carrier vehicle. In addition to this, safe unloading and unpacking of premium goods like fitness gear and equipment is one more task that demands extra cautions and care. If you’re in the mood to move your treasured fitness setup then don’t stress yourself anymore as here are some smart tips for you:

Clean & sanitize all fitness gears properly: Just like your other household stuff, you should keep your fitness gears clean & sanitized to avoid infection or bacteria buildup on them. Regular disinfection of all exercise equipment is extremely important no matter you are relocating them or not. You can use paper towels and sprayers to clean the surfaces of solid workout gears like treadmill, weight machines, stationary cycling setup, elliptical machines, etc. Use a homemade cleaning solution by mixing water and vinegar to wipe down weights & dumbbells and wash gym towels in hot water for deep cleaning of all things you use during a workout.

Start packing lightweight items first: If you call packers and movers for shifting home equipment, they will always pick items that are lighter in weight, and hence, we also suggest you do the same. You can simply pack things like towels, yoga mats, blankets, & other similar stuff by rolling them from one end and putting them one by one to a carton. Use carry bags to secure your yoga mat with the help of packing paper. To provide extra protection, you can stuff empty corners of the cartons with rags and newspapers so that they remain unmoved throughout the shipping process.

Use sturdy boxes for hand weights & dumbbells: Always ensure that you are using premium cartons and boxes of the best quality to carry heavy hand weights as a regular cardboard box won’t take the load of these types of equipment. Simply wrap all of them in a bubble wraps or packing paper and keep them securely into the sturdy cartons not only to avoid damages to your belonging but also to prevent getting injured while handling these weights.

Furthermore, it is advised to use small-sized boxes for packing heavy fitness gears rather than larger ones so that they won’t fall out of them when carried during the move. Make sure that you’ve got plastic boxes that can handle the weight of dumbbells.

Use furniture dolly to move treadmill: Go through the specifications of your treadmill before packing it on your own. Packers and movers usually get furniture dolly to move the heavy treadmill that weighs between 200 lbs to 500 lbs. So, you can too rent the right type of moving tools and devices if you’ve decided to shift your expensive home gym equipment yourself.

Be extra careful while lifting stationary bike: Most households have got this popular workout equipment for leg exercises. You can easily relocate a stationary bike by taking some important precautions to shield the equipment as well as the floor from scratches and abrasion marks. Unplug the bike and remove all wires connected so that they won’t get entangled around you. You may need two or three people to move this equipment as it is super heavy like a weightlifting machine and it can’t be shifted all alone.

Moving heavy equipment is going to be a heavy-duty task. It makes more sense to involve expert packers and movers in the relocation of your precious home gym gears for their safety and your convenience. After all, you don’t have to compromise with your comfort & time!

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