Important Things You Should Always Discuss with Your Gynecologist

Discussing every tit-bits of your life with your near and dear ones is not an easy-going thing every time. If it is related to any medical issues, you may feel frustrating and embarrassing. This situation will lead you where you cannot open up with your problems. Now, here the big question underlies. Whom should you discuss your issues with? Being a female, you will prefer to talk to a female doctor or a gynecologist. By consulting certain things with the physician, you will get insights into your present health condition. Consequently, it will help you to hatch up your next steps.

Discussing reproductive and sexual health with gynecologists plays a pivotal part in staying healthy and fit. In this article, we will discuss things that you should consult with your gynecologist.

Let’s take a cursory look.

Vaginal Odour

It may be an uncomfortable topic for you. However, you need to talk with your doctor if the smell is fishy or foul. Have you found anything abnormal smell that is lasting for few days? It may be a sign of vaginal infection or bacterial overgrowth. According to a doctor, “Do consult with a doctor before it is too late. It will save you from further consequences.”

Having Period Pain

Most of the women face periods at an unpleasant time. Symptoms include cramps, headaches, and breast soreness. However, period pain can be severe that will lead you to uterine fibroids or endometriosis. It is recommended that you should speak with the doctor rather than suffering in silence.

Having Sexual Discomfort

If you are experiencing sexual discomfort during the intimacy period, you should consult with a gynecologist. The situation may be uncomfortable for you, but the gynecologist will help you explain the problem, followed by treating your concerns.

Sex pain- Are you experiencing pain during sex? You may try different positions while having sex. It would be best if you talked with the doctor regarding the same. Lubricants are not always helpful to cure vaginal dryness or bleeding during intercourse.

Vaginal dryness-A recent study states, almost 40% of women experience vaginal dryness. It mainly depends on several mitigating factors and a woman’s age. Women, who are taking birth control for a long time, may face the issue of lower estrogens. If you are also taking birth control, you need to change the birth control ways. Besides, if you are a busy mom, then you may not have enough time for arousal and engaging in foreplay. Vaginal dryness can occur due to low estrogens. In that case, a gynecologist may prescribe vaginal estrogens for the same.

Urinary Leakage

Urinary stress can take a toll on your life. Most women face this issue after childbirth, especially when the baby is big or the baby’s birth involves vacuum and forceps. If the women enter into the menopause stage, these situations will become worse. According to gynecologists, depending on incontinence, there are surgical and medical management available. You can talk to the gynecologists to determine the treatment protocols.

Discuss the Sexual History

Gynecologists may ask how many times you have done sex, which is too with how many partners. Besides, they will also ask you about your age during the intercourse. On top of that, you will also get a question if your partner has STD.

  • Determining HPV and cervical dysplasia

If you are having intercourse for 18 years, it will make you more susceptible to HPV. Cervical- vaginal junction is tenderer when you are younger. If you have more partners, then it will increase the potential.

  • Discussing the past STDs

As per the recent research, some STD may increase infertility risk. For the same reason, some of the physicians will provide appropriate counseling for a reason. For example, STD like herpes will receive counseling as it is a prolonged condition. It may lead you to experience outbreaks in the future.

Swelling Bumps

Are you noticing any growth in the vagina or the labia? Is it ingrown hair or a recent bruise from a shaving cut? Usually, the bumps are benign, but you should consult with a doctor if you feel the same. Herp lesions can heal over 7-14 days, while on the other hand, genital warps are visible over time.

Medications You are Consuming

Consulting with a gynecologist is important while taking a birth control pill, requiring surgery, and even getting pregnant. However, herbal supplements may also have contraindications. The best way is to know your doctor exactly what drug you are generally consuming. Visit here to book your private gynecologist appointment.

Having Unprotected Sex

Do you in a hassle and forget about using condoms? Still, you are getting your period and have not noticed the period of STD? Do you think it is going well? Do you know that some of the STD diseases like Chlamydia are completely symptomless? On the other hand, HPV may stay dormant for many years? It would help if you told your doctor about the same. The doctor will calculate the risk effect and will ask you to hatch up your next steps accordingly.

Lower Libido

Low libido while having sex is the most common thing among the women-according to a recent study. While it may be the effect of the medications you are taking, or it may sign the underlying medical condition. In this context, the gynecologist will determine what medications you should take based on your present situation.

Summing it up

Discussing the issues mentioned above with your gynecologist is essential to stay notified about your present condition. Not only that, you will under medical supervision, followed by receiving the medications accordingly. Visit your nearest gynecologist today. Furthermore, in this COVID situation, you can consult a physician over Skype call or Zoom meeting. It will help you avoid the clinic’s gatherings followed by receiving the treatment residing in your home.

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