Numbers” had a profound influence in the early stages of Google’s ranking algorithm. The more backlinks you had, the better your website ranked. In light of this, SEOs would do everything in their will to gather more links to their websites.

Now, as luck would have it, we’ve moved one step further.

As Google’s algorithm becomes more and more clever, the significance of backlinks has unfolded. The quantity got replaced with “quality,” and building backlinks has become a painstakingly nuanced process.

So, what about the backlinks approaching your website?

Backlinks are a status symbol signifying your website’s trustworthiness and popularity through the eyes of a search engine. If your website is crawling with backlinks, a butt-load of traffic will come your way. However, there is more to it than just gaining traffic.

Let’s dive deeper into the art of backlinks and discover how it can do wonders to your online presence.

Before Anything Else, What Are Backlinks?

A backlink is one of those digital marketing rapports that sounds super complex but is justly self-explanatory.

Let’s get the dictionary involved, shall we?

According to the thesaurus, a backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one website page to another. In literal terms, a link on a different website taking people to YOUR website. Additionally, these can come in various forms, from citations and directories to social media, online news, or earned media stories. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a robust backlink strategy how else are you planning to appear on the online map? Also, take note that Inbound links from another supreme-quality website signal search engines that your brand is worthy enough to have visitors.

The Importance of Backlinks

We can’t stress this enough: the prominence of backlinks lies in their worth to Google search results.

If there are two articles on the same topic – blog B with five backlinks and blog A with 10 – there’s a good chance Google will automatically rank blog A higher.

But, it goes one step further than this. Let’s assume both blogs B and A link off to their external sources. Blog B to blog D, and blog A to blog C; spontaneously, blog C gathers more “significance” from their backlink than blog D. How come? Well, blog A is considered a more valuable source, to begin with, than blog B.

Furthermore, Google aggregates each of these scores into a complete domain authority’ (DA) slash. Though Google’s scores are classified, you can get an approximation of your site’s DA scores using various DA checkers.

Backlink Extent:How Many Backlinks Should You Have?

From a marketing perspective, this is an excellent question to ask but one that never usually has an answer. However, one typical response that tends to pop up when this is asked: it varies. A reasonable way to look at it is to consider the goals of your website’s online presence.

If you want to be more forceful with boosting your rankings, then you’ll require a sturdy emphasis on the number of backlinks. Additionally, your competitors and industry also come into consideration. If you want to outshine your top competitors, who are carrying 1,000 backlinks, then you know what to do and where you are standing. However, it’s not about numbers; it all comes down to the eminence of backlinks that you have.

The Quality: How to select your backlinks?

Nothing expresses the importance of backlinks better than the term “quality over quantity.” When Google evaluates what websites are linking to yours, the website’s prominence and quality where the link is coming from radically shake your search rankings.

For instance, if you’re looking to start an e-commerce business for advertising streetwear apparel. You’ll want well-reputed retailers like Highsnobiety, Complex, or related companies to link with your website. Although you have forty backlinks from an agriculture business, it’s not helpful because it is not relevant to your target audience and keyword search phrase. So, having many backlinks from websites that share similar content is more vital than an excessive amount of unrelated ones.

How to Get Good Backlinks?

The question we’ve all been waiting for for a long time!

There’s no one-step approach to gathering relevant and premium backlinks. Still, you can incorporate a few simple steps into your backlink-building strategy and do justice to your website.

Step 1: Publish Ground-breaking Content

Remember, every website demands backlinks. Therefore, you’re not the only one chasing. Other websites are looking for high-quality links as well. That said, if you want someone to relay a link on your site, then you should always contain supreme-quality content on your website.

On the flip, if your website is full of useless content, then don’t expect anyone to reach out to you.

Step 2:Implement the Rules for Social Media Marketing

Social media backlinks can offer the website a stunning boost as social media has a remarkable influence on the multitudes and can attract visitors to your website despite the fallacy among digital marketers.

Even though they are not as famous as other web links from unpretentious websites, they can signal google about your popularity and offer a high ranking.

Step 3: “Give and Take” Policy for other Websites 

You can offer other websites a helping hand from your platforms, such as interviews, guest posts, news coverage. They will upload it on their website with your site’s link and promote it as well. As a result, this will give you valuable web links and a chance to make a statement.

Step 4: Check Competitor Backlink 

Lastly, you can always view other competitive sites’ web links, contact the same platforms, and have backlinks to your website.

Other than that, you can check the strategy of the opponent and always take advantage.


You see, it’s impossible to dominate your online presence if you don’t have an impressive link-building strategy.

Furthermore, it’s imperative to realize that effective backlinks do not appear overnight. It is a timely process that demands endurance to build up efficaciously. Accumulating valuable backlinks will do miracles for your search rankings and visibility. Google refines its search algorithm, and we can witness that they care about the aspects that instill trust in your domain, brand, and website.

At the end of it all, remember, you are looking to link with superior websites related to your target customers and industry – so focus on being consistent.

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