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All of us love to have trees around our home. Tress can significantly improve the market value of your house. Trees provide shade and help in maintaining the ecological balance. In addition to this, trees also help in reducing the expenses for cooling our house during the summer season. Well, trees need love and care, otherwise, they can wreak havoc on our house, especially the roof.

How Trees Can Wreak Havoc?

The trees in our yard can create disaster in different ways and some of them are described in this article:

  • Falling Of Branches

The branches of the tree can fall due to the heavy load of the branch, strong wind, diseases, deterioration, or various other reasons. If the branches of the tree fall on the roof of your house, then it can create huge damage. Sometimes the damage is so severe that it is difficult to repair the roof of your house. In adverse situations, you have to completely replace it with the new one.

  • Branches Can Damage Shingles

Usually, the roof shingles are made up of asphalt and they are covered with small granules to provide additional protection. With time, the granules start washing away with rain and heavy wind. The branches of trees that are very close to the roof of your house can damage the shingles of your roof.

  • Animal Can Jump On Your Roof

The trees can provide a way to some animals to jump on the roof of your houses such as squirrels and other critters. These animals can make a way to enter your house through the roof and damage the shingles as well.  

  • Accumulation of Moisture

The surrounding trees can also lead to the accumulation of moisture on your roof. During the summer season, the trees provide shade on your roof and help to keep your home cool. But, during the winter season, the branches of trees can accumulate a lot of snow. It will lead to the moistures on your roof. It will lead to severe damage to your roof.

  • Accumulation Of Leaves

Tress not just only accumulates moisture, but also leads to the accumulation of leaves. It is imperative to clean your roof regularly. Otherwise, snow will stick to your roof and lead to various other problems. Leaves can trap moisture and gradually deteriorate the roof of your house. Trapping of moisture can lead to leakage and holes in your roof.

  • Blockage Of Gutter Wi8th Fallen Leaves

The main objective of gutter and downpipes is to take the rainwater down to the floor. The gutter pipes will take away the rainwater and melted snow far away from your house. The point of gutters is to take water from the roof and send it as far away from the house as possible. But, the clogged gutter can stop the flow of water and lead to water accumulation. Ultimately, it will lead to the cracks in your walls and affect the structural integrity of your house.

Tips To Prevent Your Roof from The Damage Due To Branches

  • Tree Trimming

You should trim the branches of your trees that are very close to the roof of your house. It is a good idea to hire a trained and experienced arborist for tree trimming. The branches that are very close to the roof are very difficult to trim.

Make sure that the branches of the tree do not fall on the roof of your house. Reputable tree service providers have the necessary tools and equipment to properly trim the branches of your house. In case, you want to trim the trees entirely, then make sure that you do not prune more than 25 percent.  

  • Remove Unstable Trees

The trees that are not stable may fall on your roof. Therefore, it is a good idea to protect the roof of your house by removing these trees. Before the trees fall on your roof, you should call tree removal contractors to prevent the roof of your house.

  • Pruning Of Young Trees

You can implement the pruning technique to control the growth of the tree. You can implement the right pruning techniques and make sure that the young trees do not fall dead. You have to prune only young trees regularly by calling the tree arborist. The regular pruning will help in the string growth of the branches.

  • Clear The Debris

You should properly clear the debris from the roof of your house. Otherwise, debris on the roof can lead to deterioration of your roof. The clutters on your roof will accumulate the rainwater and leads to the deterioration of your roof and walls as well. Thus, you should regularly clean the debris from your roof.

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