The American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine  (AUC) was established in the year 1978 and started working as a medical school, which was based on the non-profit and international-based US curriculum. Since the year 2011, this medical school has been accredited by the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine.

For the last 40 years, this medical school has been providing the best quality of educational services in various programs and courses. They are offering pre-bachelor programs in which we have diplomas, foundation degrees, as well as certificates.  In different areas, they are also offering a doctorate level of degrees as well.

As regards the admission has been concerned, they are following a certain admission policy, which is based on the MCAT examination system. They do even consider the academic record as well as past grades of the student for the final selection. Much encouragement is given away to the students at the time of enrollment. This medical school is also offering academic as well as non-academic services to the students at a superior level.

MD program structure at the American University of the Caribbean

Their MD program curriculum is based on the Medical Sciences & Clinical Sciences part.

  • Medical Sciences Curriculum:

In the starting five semesters, AUC will be putting its main focus on the medical sciences all through the AUC’s US-modeled medical school curriculum. This will include different subjects such as pathology, histology, anatomy, cell biology, molecular biology as well as Behavioral Sciences.

  • Clinical Sciences Curriculum:

In the course of the clinical portion of the AUC’s medical program, all the students will associate themselves with the team, which is based on residents, students, and all the attending physicians. Students will be implementing the physicals, histories as well as assess the laboratory data for examination of patient cases.

Core & Elective Clinical Rotations:

Their clinical science curriculum has been divided into two portions of core and elective rotations. In the core rotation, the applicant will learn about the foundation of basic student clinical education. Elective clerkships are medical subspecialties that are falling under the main rotation. Students will choose their electives following the postgraduate residency training.

US & UK Clinical Rotations:

Once the student has completed their medical science portion of the curriculum, they will move themselves to the new clinical rotation in US or US at the AUC-affiliated teaching hospitals.

AUC students already have the option to complete the basic clinical rotations at the affiliated hospital teaching sites within the United States, as well as the United Kingdom. Students need to pass themselves through the USMLE Step 1 just as before beginning their core rotations.

Application Fee of AUC Medical School:

The American University of the Caribbean will never charge you any application fee on an extra basis. Students are completely allowed to submit their application without any stress of paying an extra application fee.

Admission Evaluation of AUC Medical School:

The whole admission evaluation will be done on an individual basis. The admission committee is arranged for the final student selection in which students will be shortlisted based on certain factors. This will include undergraduate performance as well as MCAT score along with the social maturity, intellectual score, volunteer work, adaptability as well as life experiences.

Admission Requirements for AUC Medical School:

For all the students who have put themselves in the admission enrollment, they need to hold a baccalaureate degree from any of the accredited university. Plus, it is also mandatory that the applicant should have an MCAT score too. AUC will not be considering the MCAT score, which is 5 years old.

For successfully passing yourself through the admission, the grade point score will play an important role. This will include the prerequisite GPA as well as the overall GPA.

AUC Medical School Major Prerequisites:

  • Biology: 

1 year this will also include laboratory work! All the prospective students can take more than one course, which will include biology, cellular biology, genetics, and comparative anatomy.

  • General Chemistry: 

1 year this will also include laboratory work

  • Organic Chemistry:

1 year this will also include laboratory work. Hence the coursework should also include both aliphatic as well as aromatic compounds.

AUC Medical School Major Prerequisites:

All along with the application, you have to submit a few important documents, which include:

  • A personal statement should not be more than 750 words. Personal statements from AMCAS are even accepted.
  • Minimum 2 recommendation letters should be submitted, which will include one letter from the individual academic professor and one from the professional letter.
  • Official document of transcripts of all the schools you have attended.
  • Official document of MCAT report

List of Important Scholarships Awarded

  • Trustees Academic Excellence Scholarship:

It will be awarded automatically to merely qualify for the incoming students at AUC, which is based on the overall undergraduate performance as well as the MCAT score.

  • Dean’s Academic Scholarship:

This is awarded automatically to merely qualify for the incoming students at AUC, which is based on the overall undergraduate performance as well as the MCAT score.

  • Academic Merit Scholarship:

It will be awarded automatically to merely qualify for the incoming students at AUC, which is based on the overall undergraduate performance as well as the MCAT score.

  • Canadian Scholarship:

It is awarded to those qualified students who are Canadian citizens.

  • Community Outreach Award:

It is awarded to the qualified applicants who have shown some premium and exceptional dedication towards their communities or hospitals, as well as charities.

  • UK Scholarship:

It is awarded to the AUC students who are entering the US in case if they do meet the requirements of this scholarship.

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