Are you super excited about your new vacuum cleaner? Well, how would you feel if you lose power the moment you plug the electrical appliance into the socket? This can be completely disheartening for everyone as you were eagerly waiting to use the electric device recently purchased. Thanks to the latest technology as it has now become easy to fix a blown fuse through DIY home repair methods. For this, you should have basic knowledge about the fuse box and quick trips to the store so that the problem can be resolved soon. Make sure you follow the safety measures properly when working with any electrical device. This blogpost discusses some easy steps on how you can fix a blown fuse by yourself.


  • Make sure you unplug all electric devices –

It is extremely important to detect where the short circuit or outrage has taken place. This can actually help to detect which fuse is not working properly. You can test this by flipping light switches in each room to know which has lost power. After this, you have to keep lights off in the affected areas and unplug some appliances in the rooms. In case you leave all the electrical devices on and restore power by using a new fuse, you actually run the danger of tripping or blowing the electric panel.

  • Turn off the main power switch

After this, you have to turn off the main power to the fuse box. This can generally be done through the electrical panel which is extremely important for staying safe and protected.

  • Search for the fuse box

Looking for a fuse box is indeed simple but many people do not understand where it is till any situation arises. The old houses usually have a fuse box while the ones that have been remodeled by using the latest electrical wiring will have a circuit breaker box. Both of them serve the same purpose and can usually be found in the basement, utility room, or garage.

  • Detect the broken fuse

You need to find out which fuse has actually blown. These devices are made of wire that can melt and even break an electrical circuit when the current surpasses the safer level. They are just like a safety device to avoid any kind of electrical fire. Due to this reason, you will have to search for a fuse where the glass covering appears foggy or metal has melted which is usually a broken unit.

  • Replace the fuse

When it is already time to replace the fuse, it is extremely important to find the one that has the same amperage rating. The easiest way to do this is by taking an old fuse to the local hardware store and asking for an exact replacement. It is much convenient than unscrewing a broken fuse and screwing the new one into the socket.

  • Test the new setup

After everything is ready in the fuse box, it is necessary to turn on the main power and check if the circuit is working properly. You can turn on the lights and start plugging in necessary appliances with proper care so that they may not overload the circuit that had some problems. In case the fuse blows once again, you should call an emergency electrician.

When you need to call and hire a professional electrician


If the fuse or circuit breaker has been tripping continuously, then there might be a major electrical problem to handle. It is quite possible that the fuse is short-circuiting due to damaged wires, internal wiring problems, or loose wire connections. You can fix broken fuses but when it is a major problem related to electrical wiring, it is always best to call in an emergency electrician in London.

Though overloaded circuits are usually the major cause of a blown fuse, you should ask an electrician to upgrade the wiring in case you are constantly facing the same problem. You might even move around the plug when using high-energy appliances to other rooms so that the circuit is not overworked. An experienced electrician at Electric Works London will determine what necessary upgrades should be done to meet with the electrical demands of your house.

You can brush up on electrical appliances so that you can prevent fuse breaks in the future. Appliances that require lots of energy to work with such ad heaters and vacuums can be the reason for short circuits in your house. It is advised that you stay prepared before the appliance and home system problem arises so that you can solve them as quickly as possible.


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