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It is a big deal, alright! Why else does a consumer when selecting an internet service provider (ISP), start by checking whether they offer high internet speeds or not? In an age, when absolutely everything is connected to the internet, you do not want your lives to be disrupted because of slow connectivity. But if you are still not convinced, here are some connectivity issues that will vanish with the installation of a high-speed internet plan. 

  1. It takes aeons for a web page to load: It is absolutely annoying to wait a long time for a web page to load. Whether you are browsing the internet for personal or professional reasons, you want the pages to load faster so that you can absorb the information and move on. With high-speed internet, the pages load faster and thus, your productivity remains intact. 
  2. You are forced to close tabs to open a new page: Anyone with a slow internet connection understands the frustration that this issue brings. For instance, you really do not want to stop listening to your favourite music on YouTube when working. There are many such examples where you want to keep multiple tabs open, but it slows you down from accessing new tabs. Such a problem does not occur when you are connected with a high-speed plan. So you can open as many tabs as you can and your browsing experience does not lag.
  3. It takes a long time to upload or download a file: You are an Instagrammer, but your slow internet speed is disrupting your upload schedule. In slow connections, uploading and downloading files can take hours. In worst cases, the upload or download fails and you receive a Failed – Network error message. This is quite common for those who are on a slow plan. With high-speed internet, you receive higher bandwidth, which means that you can transfer more files in a second. 
  4. You are forced to spend 5 hours on a 2-hour movie: Streaming platforms have made the latest dramas and movies right to your tablets, smartphones and even TVs. But if you have a slow connection, it is likely that you spend more time staring at the buffering sign, than actually watching the movie. Connecting with an internet service provider who provides high-speed internet plans can solve this issue. With high-speed internet, your movie will fully download in time so that you only spend 2-hours on a 2-hour movie. 
  5. Pixelated video and broken audio are common during Zoom calls: It can be Zoom or WhatsApp or Skype, or any other communication platform, slow speeds tend to mess with both your audio and video. Imagine, presenting something to your clients and your audio conks off, how embarrassing will that be. Or if you are separated from your loved ones because of work or studies and you look forward to your Skype calls, but a slow internet plan hinders with this happy reunion. Why put yourself through this when high-speed internet plans are available?
  6. You get killed in your game because of lag: Gone are the days when gaming used to be simply a way to past time. Today, people of every age group indulges in this either as a hobby or a profession. In a multi-player game, every second counts and you do not want to be killed by the enemy or lose a football match because of a lag. Most of the games are graphic-heavy, which a slow connection may not be able to handle. So for a seamless gaming experience, a high-speed internet plan is a must.  
  7. You have been unable to stop security risks at home on time: This is probably the most important benefit of high-speed internet in your daily lives. Many of you may have installed wireless or wired security cameras and other gadgets to secure your property and its inhabitants. While your intentions are essential, but how can you keep an eye on your baby, when your internet connection keeps disrupting and lagging. Or worse you do not want to come back home from the office or a holiday to see that it has been robbed because the door alarm did not alert you on time. 


Convinced? You should know that these are just some of the many advantages of adopting a high-speed internet plan. All in all, it will make your internet browsing experience super-fast and seamless. Ready to apply for one? We suggest that you connect with an internet service provider that offers a fibernet broadband service. Simply, because it is the fastest and most consistent broadband network. So, what are you waiting for? Check if in your locality fibre optic connections are available and install a suitable plan today!  

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