Being a restaurant owner is not an easy job in 2020. It is not like the olden days when, as a restauranteur, you just had to worry about the quality and taste of your food. Now, it is much more than that. To gain and attract more customers, the main priority of every new age eatery owner is marketing the brand. This is the only way a restaurant can survive a high 60% failure rate, which is responsible for dooming many eateries for the past few years.

However, now even marketing has different sectors with individual goals. Among them, the most successful is social media marketing. The following stats will give you a better insight into the impact of social media on the restaurant industry.


  • About 63% of restaurants now use social media platforms to gather maxim profit for their revenue.
  • 37% of social media users check for reviews and comments online before buying something from a brand.
  • A total of 49% of foodies search for food places online.


Among all social media platforms, Instagram marketing is one of the emerging tools for restaurants to gain customers and boost their revenue. Below is a list of Instagram tips that can change the course of your restaurant towards ultimate success in no time.


Tip # 1 Flaunt your on-demand dishes and drinks

This is the most widespread Instagram tactic that is used to capture the attention of the target audience. This trick increases the number of shares and likes and boosts the exposure of your page on the app. Moreover, when new people see your post where you are promoting your popular dishes, chances are they will be tempted to visit your eatery to relish the yummy-looking dish on your page. Also, in a lot of instances, people are not aware of what dishes you offer until they visit you. But if you showcase your best-known dishes on Instagram, you are also telling people the type of food your restaurant serves.


Tip # 2 Present new items

This Instagram marketing strategy entices people to visit your restaurant and try the unique flavors your restaurant is adamant about offering. Innovation keeps the boredom away, and when it’s about food, people want their taste buds to get in touch with different kinds of flavors. So keep reinventing and refreshing your menu to keep your customers excited when they see your posts. If you offer diversity in terms of flavors and cuisines, chances are you will keep getting new and happy customers with each post.


Tip # 3 Feature customer reviews

When you see a customer reviewing your restaurant on social media, ask them if you can share it on your account. This Instagram marketing tactic can do wonders in terms of brand loyalty and grabbing the attention of new customers. By putting up positive reviews, people will be able to trust your products, and you will be getting a new wave of customers each day. Furthermore, this also builds rapport and reputation, which are key factors in the success of restaurants in 2020.

Try out these smart Instagram marketing strategies yourself and experience a huge number of new followers and diners in a short period.

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