Save home from theft

A break-in should never happen to someone. One robbery is enough to ruin the peace of mind for years to come. It is important to protect your property and make it unattractive to criminals. Here are seven tips to prevent criminals from trying to break into your house.

  1. Install CCTV security cameras

One of the most powerful crime deterrents is a CCTV video camera. Some of them can be accessed remotely on your mobile device from everywhere in the country, and several of them can also search the exterior and interior of your property at all times. You just have to look at your phone if you hear a noise outside.

Additionally, CCTV surveillance devices prevent suspected offenders when they come on your premises. A burglar would be deterred from committing a robbery in a building where he knows the surveillance cameras are placed. More than one analysis has shown that a mere sight of a surveillance camera will minimise crimes of opportunity by 16%.

  1. Maintain Foliage Around Walkways and Entrances

There won’t be anywhere for a possible burglar to hide if you keep the shrubs and bushes along walkways neat and tended. You could take this a step further and put your windows around thorny plants. Then it’s not only going to be tough to break in, but frustrating too!

  1. Dispose of outdoor products

Prior to trying to break in, burglars inspect premises. If you have expensive products in the open, such as cars, bikes, or grills, it’s not about saying “we have expensive things,” but it also presents others with a chance for a simple score by merely getting something out of your yard. When you’re not using them, put away all your outdoor products. Don’t forget to bring the instruments and ladders away as well. A robber does not choose to rob them, but may be able to use them to gain entrance into your home.

A yard full of toys further shows that fun is enjoyed by your family. Which means that your house is also undoubtedly full of game consoles, computers, and tablets inside, offering another justification for possible robbers to choose your house over another.

  1. Set up motion sensor lights

There is no better hiding spot than a disorderly shrub, so let’s delete the shrub too. Using motion sensor lights to discourage criminals is a perfect way to do this. This imaginary burglar, sneaking around your house, is unexpectedly lit up by a flashlight for all to see. They are definitely not going to finish the job.

  1. An alternative will be using curtains

When you protect your house from a possible burglar, you reduce his or her desire to burgle your home. It is still safer to keep the curtains closed if you live on the lower floors of a house. If a burglar is able to see your brand-new laptop and the big TV you just bought, they’ll know and could return later.

  1. Make use of spare Keys 

Most offences are incentive offences. A burglar may not have wanted to rob from your home, but in the garden they found a mysterious rock that opened up and gave them a key. It is so easy to get in now that they may as well take a look inside your house.

The most popular places of spare keys are known to criminals, and unfortunately, most individuals do prefer the same old hiding spots. A trustworthy neighbour is the safest place to store a spare key. Using a spare key lockbox that’s locked to the house if you live in a remote area with few neighbours.

  1. Install the Security Devices

The final line of protection should be your home’s surveillance device, even though an attacker somehow breaks through all of the other security measures. Protection devices of all sizes come in different ways. To get started, you can choose from among many choices, like installing a front door intercom, an access control system, a home alarm system, or a blend of all three (or all of them). You make your house a more difficult target by making it tougher for offenders to gain access, so the risk of a robbery weakens.


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