If you are searching for ways to reduce the risk of glass damage, you are in the right place.  Now glass has become the principal construction material that is continually evolving from traditional to multi-functional uses.  It is the reason global glazing market size is growing at a CAGR of 5% to reach 27.4 from 21.4 billion USD from 2020 to 2025. Since it is not advisable to underestimate the inconvenience, monetary losses and injuries because of glass breaking, check out how to reduce the risk of breaking because of breaking windows or shop fronts.

The increasing demand for domestic glazing

Commercial glazing is for commercial buildings like the skyscrapers for big corporate companies, domestic glazing is for residential and small shop purposes. Both need excellent glazing work to control heat, pollution, Co2 emission and also reduce energy bills.  Because of the need for cooling during warm climate and heating during cold climate, double and triple glazing provide even without air conditioners. By saving electricity, it also saves energy to cater to be eco-friendly.

Decrease the risk of breaking by the following methods

With so many domestic glazing benefits, it is important to keep windows, doors, shop fronts, and others from breaking. The following are some ways to do it.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the glass windows, shop fronts, and others to prevent discoloration, scratches, and other glass breaking causes.
  • Repair even minor cracks and chips immediately to stop spreading of it to break the entire glass panel and cause loss of money, stress and injuries.
  • Install only the right glass at the right place by expert domestic glazing to avoid any glass breaking.
  • Do periodic checks on the windows, grills, shutters over windows, and others for any changes or minor breakings to repair immediately.
  • Avoid keeping any loose or unsecured things like bottles, bricks or other hard materials near the windows to reduce the risk of breaking.
  • Install bollards and other barriers before the glass doors, windows, shop fronts to reduce any vehicles or others to crash through them.
  • To avoid glass window breakages by vandals, plant shrubs make it hard for them to do it.
  • Apply the protective film to the surfaces in houses and shops to reduce acid damage caused by graffiti, among others.
  • Regularly clean the rubbish or graffiti on the services as left longer, they may cause more chances of breaking.
  • Be safe to not leave valuable items visible through the glass surfaces, even after regular hours, to invite vandals to break open the glass.
  • Do not do any construction or other work close to the glazed windows and other glass surfaces.

The above ways will help reduce the risk of glass breaking. The best way is to utilize the professional domestic glazing services to install the windows for better safety and reduce energy bills, among other benefits.

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