If you have been driving for a certain amount of time, you know the scariest nightmare for a driver is, driving on a flat tyre. Imagine the dread when you are on your way to your office, university, or going for dinner with your friend, and you hear a thump and a vibration. That is always a sign of a flat tyre. This situation can get worse if you are nowhere close to your destination. At this point, you have two options, call a mobile car emergency service to fix the puncture tyre, or driving on a flat tyre until you reach somewhere safe.


Although the former is the safest idea, sometimes you are left with no choice except driving on a flat tyre, as you might be in a hurry or in an area that is not safe to wait for help. While it is true that driving on a flat tyre is not recommended by the experts that work in Buckinghamshire tyre repair services, as it can damage the wheels irreversibly, sometimes you just have to give up in the face of necessitation.


If you get yourself stuck in a situation where you have to reach somewhere while driving on a flat tyre, keep the following tips in mind.


#1 Drive As Slowly As You Can

When you drive a car with a flat tyre, make sure that your speed is not above 15-20 miles per hour. If you are not mindful of this fact, you can cause irreparable damage to the steel wheel beneath the tyre. Moreover, you might lose control of your vehicle as well. Keep a lightweight on the accelerator, and it is best if you idle along until you find a safe place to pull over. Keep in mind that travelling at high speed when you have flat tyres will destroy your wheels faster, as a ruptured tyre can not protect it from debris and bumps anymore. Another tip, if you are driving downhill, is to let the car coast on its own momentum with your feet placed on the brake.


#2 Drive Your Car On A Smooth, Flat Ground

With flat tyres, you have to be careful with the type of road you are driving on. It is best to stay as far away as you can from steep inclines, potholes, and broken patches of asphalt. Coarse and harsh roads will bang up your rims and cause your car to go out of alignment. That is a dangerous situation, as you can end up in a road accident. You must always stick to the shoulders of the highway, paved roads, and parking lots as they are the safest in such instances.


#3 Drive As Straight As Possible

When your car has flat tyres, avoid steep curves and U-turns as much as you can. When you are looking for a place to pull over, try to navigate winding avenues. It is smart to coast forward at a slow speed in a straight direction. Once you find the chance to secure yourself from the heavy flow of traffic, turn your wheel gently and start driving on a safe corner. Apart from that, try to take the most direct route to your destination.


Furthermore, if you drive steady and slow, you will be able to resist the drag created by the flat tyre exceptionally. However, do not struggle against it with too much force as it will make it difficult to steer. Avoid sharp turns as they subject the wheel to more strain.


#4 Do Not Drive Too Far

It is dangerous to drive with flat tyres for more than a couple hundred yards, even if they are deflated partially. If you have a long way to go, you should aim to creep away to the nearest garage and get your tyres fixed. After that, you can drive to your final destination without worrying about getting into an accident or getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.


The next time you get a flat tyre, keep these tips in your mind and drive safely!

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