Ranking a video on Youtube and Google search is not easy for beginners. That is why most of the beginners go to an online SEO company. No doubt an SEO company can do it better than anyone else. But what about you doing it on your own? Is it possible to do it yourself? Yes, it is possible. No, you don’t have to buy any online course here to do SEO of your Youtube video. 

Here in this post, we are going to elaborate on the steps an online SEO company takes. Now you will do the same thing that a company does. Not much deeper technical things are required. Just a few simple changes are required in your video making and posting process. So without wasting time and energy let’s dig more into it.

Let’s Rank It On Youtube

Before Google, let’s try to rank your video on Youtube. For this, we have divided the whole process into four steps. Go one by one and make your videos better. So that they can rank higher on Youtube.

Reverse Research

Video content needs reverse research as compared to the written content or blog posts. In a blog post, you decide on a topic and then research the keyword. But here something new will happen. 

Search Keywords First

Search for the keywords before you choose any topic. However, the niche is already decided but you have to search the keywords. There are no specific tools for Youtube research, so use the search bar of Youtube.

Now Choose The Topic

Now depending upon the list of keywords, decide your topic. What topic will you cover in your video? Write a cool script and then start working upon the video. 

Consider Quality And Duration

The next thing which you have to pay attention to like an online SEO company is quality and duration. Keep the duration of the video as much as natural. Don’t make it too short and never stretch it for long. Try to trigger the emotions of viewers in the first 30 seconds. 

Optimize The Description & Title

The major step that an online SEO company takes is optimization. You have to write a short description and a unique title. They must contain the focus keyword and other secondary keywords. Try to add a “click-bait” type thing in your title.

Youtube Understand Tags

At the time of uploading your video on Youtube, you will be asked for tags. These are not the same as Facebook tags. Youtube call keywords tags. It will help youtube to know about your video. Add your keywords as the tag, separating them by commas.

BONUS TIP: Try to say target keywords loudly in your videos. Google generates subtitles converting audio to text. (Applicable only for English language videos).

Google Is Important Too

You are almost done! Because optimizing a Youtube requires more effort on Youtube rather than Google. But here we want to rank our Youtube video on Google as an online SEO company does. So here we go with the following instructions.

Generate Links To Videos

Try to generate more links to your videos. Let other websites talk about your videos and share your video link in their posts. It is something like generating backlinks. 

BONUS TIP: Always try to interlink your youtube videos. You can add video buttons at the end of each video. Also, you can add it via the “i” button or share the link in the description. 

Write A Post With Video Embedded

If you have a website, then you must write a post on the same topic as your Youtube video. Now try to embed your youtube video in your website’s post. Never forget to use the keywords in your post. Optimize your post with text. Try to do similar things on Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Be Ready For Google Crawlers

Google crawlers are always ready to crawl through your video and text content. But what will these crawlers find in your videos? Well, use proper alt tags and file names for your video file. It will help Google crawlers to find your video post.

Share To Target Audience

Don’t wait for the people to come and watch your video. Share it with your target audience on your own. It will help you rank higher in Google search results. Find some related quora questions and share your post there. If you don’t find anything on Quora, then share in forum threads or Facebook groups. 


Before you start working as an online SEO company, keep in mind a few things. The first is about patience. Always be patient about the SEO of your Youtube video. It will take time. Because it will take time to reach more people and gain engagement. 

By Mansi Rana

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