With the ever-increasing cyber threats in the form of cybersecurity attacks or malware or ransom attacks, the need for robust and foolproof cybersecurity tools and techniques are needed now, more than ever. The IT industry needs certified professionals who can anticipate potential cybersecurity threats or loopholes and fix them before the system is compromised because of an attack. The EC Council’s certification sets a global standard of the knowledge and training that a professional requires to perform such operations.

This is why it is a hugely beneficial certification for cybersecurity professionals. It aims to equip professionals with the tools and techniques needed for hackers to penetrate computer systems and test all possible vulnerabilities.

The Ethical Hacker certification is considered a credible proof of your knowledge, skills, and dedication to the IT industry. Fortune 500 Companies, other cybersecurity practices, and government agencies set this certification as the standard of training for hiring professionals.

It has uncountable benefits for your professional life and your contribution towards your organisation’s security, and thus, cracking it is also comparatively difficult. This article hopes to cover the necessary information about the certification exam and the benefits of being a certified hacker.


The CEH examination application is approved only if the candidates meet either of the following eligibility criteria.

  • You Must sign up for an Official Ethical Hacking training course
  • You need to undergo ethical hacking training from an institute that is approved by the EC-Council. This training could be in the form of instructor-led training, computer-based training or live online training.

If you wish to attempt the exam without official training, you must have two or more years of documented information security experience and undergo the following procedure:

  • You must pay a non-refundable eligibility application fee of $100 in addition to $450, which is the exam cost
  • You need to fill up the CEH Exam eligibility form along with verification from the employer

If your application is approved, the EC-Council will mail you a voucher number for your CEH exam registration. Not opting for the official training gives you the option of choosing from a wide range of hacking training courses and degrees that satisfy the CEH exam requirements.

CEH Certification Exam

The Ethical Hacker certification examination is meant to test and fortify the application knowledge of security professionals to work towards building and managing their organisation’s networking security. The exam is 4 hours long and comprises 125 questions.

You can take the exam at any ECC Exam Centre or Pearson Vue testing centres. A candidate can also opt for a remotely proctored exam session provided the exam session is booked at least three days in advance. The EC-Council Certification department proctors the exam sessions.

CEH Exam Training

Whether you are a seasoned cybersecurity professional looking to reinforce your knowledge or a fresher trying to start your career in network security, the right Ethical Hacker training will give you the guidance and resources you need to crack the CEH exam.

You could also utilise the free materials and MOOCs available online, but choosing a reputed training institute like Koenig Solutions and a course that suits your needs, will make your preparations much more comfortable.

Different training centres may have onsite training with practical sessions or online lectures with virtual labs. These courses will help you immerse into an interactive environment and give you a comprehensive idea about scanning, testing, hacking and securing systems.

The course instructors are usually experts in their domain and can provide you with the guidance that will help you streamline your preparations. Getting hands-on experience concerning the technologies and strategies you learn about is crucial when it comes. The Ethical Hacker certification’s introductory modules such as Reconnaissance and Footprinting, Scanning Networks, Enumeration etc. are not merely theoretical concepts, but play a significant part in helping professionals defend their systems.


Earning a CEH certification helps IT professionals adopt a problem-solving mindset to find loopholes and vulnerabilities in different systems. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a company’s network security being compromised, the CEH certification trains individuals to conduct a thorough investigation of the organisation’s network and formulate their attack strategies and work towards resolving them.


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