Wheatgrass juice, the young shot of wheat grain getting popular nowadays. Wheat is an important food and staple of the world cereal market. Having wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass shot on a daily basis gives numerous health benefits to the body. It is very easy to prepare wheatgrass juice at home or you can buy wheatgrass juice online as well to add to your daily life.

Basically, it is juice prepared from the young wheat leaves or plants. It is an important food rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the body. It has high chlorophyll, enzyme, amino acid, vitamin and minerals. The use of wheatgrass provides vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B17, C, F, pantothenic acid and choline to the body. Moreover, it contains more than 90 minerals and trace elements like calcium, folic acid, zinc, manganese, selenium, silicon, fluorine, sulfur, iodine, potassium and many more.

Wheatgrass is gluten-free and coeliac-friendly. Fresh leaf sprouts can be crushed to make juice, but they can also be dried to make a nutrient-dense powder.

It’s a full protein, containing over 30 enzymes, and it’s quite solar, containing roughly 70% crude chlorophyll. It’s a wonder.

How To Make Wheatgrass Juice

To prepare a wheatgrass juice at home that is rich in water and chlorophyll, it is necessary to follow a fairly simple process. So, grow your wheatgrass at your home. Before planting the wheat grain. It should be moistened in a germinator, on a metallic cloth. Better if it is plasticized, or in a glass jar in whose lid multiple holes will have been made. Twice a day water should be poured over the wheat seeds, to moisten and wash them, whether they are germinated or not yet. After 2 weeks it started growing. You can cut the fresh leaves and sprouted wheat grain to prepare a wheatgrass shot.

Now you gave wheatgrass.


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 handful of previously washed wheatgrass
  • 1 lemon (if you want)
  • Blender


  • Wash the wheatgrass and keep it aside.
  • Extract the lemon juice and pour it into the blender.
  • Add other ingredients- Water or Wheatgrass.
  • Blend properly and strain.
  • Take 1 time a day for a week.

If you have a market’s wheatgrass juice, then mix 10-15ml wheatgrass juice in 120ml of water and just drink it in the morning.

If you wish to alkalize your body, you need to do the following in addition to drinking wheatgrass juice:

Chew some wheatgrass. Eat it slowly and chew at least 30-40times in a bite. But remember, do not overeat or overdose on the wheatgrass in your system. However, meditation and deep breathing exercises are effective to reduce stress and promote the better functioning of wheatgrass juice.

Take a stroll or exercise to assist your body clear acidic waste products more effectively. Sunbathing earns you bonus points.

Baking soda can also help the body maintain pH balance in the urine and bloodstream by neutralising acid. It also aids in the relief of heartburn and acid reflux.

Notes to use wheatgrass juice

If it is your first time using wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass shot, then keep the dilution of water in a good ratio. Water should be in a high ratio as compared to fresh wheatgrass juice. Go for it for about 3-4 days. If there is nothing happening in your body as a reaction, then slowly increase the dose of wheatgrass or the quality of wheatgrass juice. Likewise, on some days, you can even switch to wheatgrass shots.

Always try to drink fresh wheatgrass juice to avoid adverse effects. If you have readymade wheatgrass juice, then check its expiry date.

There is a possibility that you may experience adverse effects like itching, throat rashes, cold, sinus, etc for a few hours of drinking. It is the symptoms for some days in starting days. 

If you are allergic to gluten, then you should ask the healthcare professional and check the label. 

Benefits of consuming Wheatgrass juice every day

Adding wheatgrass juice to your diet leads to many health benefits to the body, it includes good results in anaemia, digestion, respiratory tract, weight management and many more. It is effective in bronchial asthma, as well as in inflammatory states of an infectious type (sinusitis, otitis, gingivitis, flu, etc.). It also has great antiallergic action. In the presence of high chlorophyll and fibre, it keeps the body hydrated and is also effective to lower weight. 

Wheatgrass is also known for natural detoxification. Its antitoxin effect eliminates the toxic compounds and heavy metals from the body and improves the organism’s resistance to radiation, both radioactive and telluric. 

Wheatgrass juice is a general juice to promote many general and serious problems. It is ideal to use by all, men, women and children. Where the dose varies from adults to children.

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