Veneers are one of the most impactful ways how you can restore your smile. In fact, it might help you get back your flaunting smile that faded away due to dental issues. These porcelain coverings not only improve your overall facial appeal but also let you know how beautiful you are from inside out through your smile (perhaps your best facial attire).

So, are these Dental Veneers permanent? If not, then how do you make them last a little longer? To find out the answer, let’s dive into the below-offered narrative.

Are These Your Permanent Dental Fix?

For tooth decay, these might be the best fix that you’ve discovered with the help of your dentist. However, saying that these are the permanent fix for dental stains, tooth decays, and uneven bites is clearly a misconception. Although they are not your permanent dental fix, these dental tools are the quickest fix for your tooth problems. And in spite of having a long-lasting or sturdy look, they never last permanently. So, how will they last longer than usual?

Will You Be Able to Make Veneers Last Longer?

In general, veneers last more than ten to fifteen years. However, their lifespan depends on the damage that occurred to your teeth. You may also opt for a cosmetic replacement if these coverings fail to take care of your teeth or vice-versa.

The habits that shorten their lifespan are coincidentally similar to the same habits responsible for damaging the tooth. Making them last for a lifetime is like a myth. However, you can stick to these ways to keep it workable for a longer time frame:

1. Following Oral Hygiene Practices

You must avoid the teeth to get pesky stains. What you can do is keep it healthy by cleaning your mouth. You can even brush twice every day by using some advanced toothpaste. It’s recommendable never to forget flossing your teeth: it ensures brighter and healthier teeth.

2. Wearing Oral Protection

It ensures that you have a mouthguard. Just in case you are a boxing enthusiast who regularly plays, entering your boxing premises with dental protection is always necessary. Always consider understanding the fact that the impacts on your face result in cracked and chipped veneers.

3. Don’t Consider Your Teeth as a Tool

You mustn’t consider your teeth as the tool. You may end up damaging the veneer accidentally as you’ll stay less cautious. Also, you must not loosen the knots with the teeth. Always use scissors for the purpose. These acts may end up damaging the veneers.

4. Consult Your Dentist In Case of bruxism

Just in case you grind or even clench the teeth unintentionally while sleeping, your dental professional can fix the problem.


With the aforementioned ways, you can just increase the lifespan of your dental veneers. However, there’d be a time when you’d require replacing your existing veneer, and it’s really simple. Hopefully, you’ve now understood how to make veneers last a little longer, didn’t you?

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