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Just like the growing zest for fast-speed 5G internet connectivity makes us more desirous to deploy it for simplifying our day to day activities, most businesses are keen to revamp their systems to make the most out of 5G technology. Today, the global network of the aviation industry connects thousands of domestic and international airlines with increasing demand for online flight booking services. The evolution of mobile app technology is one of the major factors behind the rise of the airline sector as more & more customers are having smartphones to have the easiest access to on-demand flight booking apps.

In the fast-forward lifestyle, airways have become the most preferred way of transportation for most of us. As far as the travel distance and time are considered, booking a flight would be the first choice of commuters over other modes of travel.

Now the traditional methods of flight booking have been made easier & more convenient with the introduction of user-friendly mobile applications for airlines. Since the demand for online air ticket booking surged by 80% last year, most airlines business owners are planning to invest in a flight booking app to facilitate their customers. Undoubtedly, mobile apps are generating double-fold profits for aviation ventures with a simplified & smooth user experience.

If we consider the ever-increasing demand for mobile apps in the market of offline ticket booking service providers, we suggest them to go through this blog to know more about flight booking apps to get maximum benefits of presenting it to the customers.

Why using a flight booking app is favorable?

  • Users can check and book flights instantly without indulging in the lengthy process of booking tickets offline.
  • Filter and search options for on-demand flight ticket booking in a few clicks.
  • Users can get the status of arrival & departure of all flights at once.
  • Know the details and updates on the ticket availability.
  • Make cashless payments to save time and hassles in the process.
  • Get the best deals with discounts and offers on booking online.
  • Avail of more options to plan vacation and travel with utmost convenience.

Top features of popular flight booking apps like MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo, Yatra, etc.

The latest advancements in mobile app technology encouraged innovations in the designing & development process of online flight ticket booking. Considering the popular trends in mobile app development, modern programmers are focusing on some particular features & functionalities of airline apps to ensure their success in the market full of apps:

UI/UX design: User interface play a crucial role in engaging customers on your app. To develop a good flight booking app, one must prioritize the interface design of an app or a website so that it can attain the interest & trust of users for more bookings.

Elements and add-ons: All the components & features of an app must be customized to grab users’ attention. Highlighting peculiar elements on the app’s background is a way to compel users and achieve success with your mobile app development project.

Flexible booking dates & schedules: Most travelers look for quick and easy options to plan their travel. When customers get options to pick the desired date & time of booking their flight, they will consider your app to make their travel decision with utmost satisfaction and convenience.

Say no to redirecting to new pages: Nobody likes continuous redirects while proceeding with the final booking steps. Users may either leave your page or change their mind to go ahead with the booking if your flight booking app keeps redirecting them to the new pages for further results. To deal with this issue, you can add a button for new search results at the bottom of the same screen of the app so that users can easily scroll down to view them simultaneously.

Filtered search: Both websites and mobile app for online flight ticket booking must feature this facility so that customers can filter out the time, schedule, day, & other booking options.

Real-time access to available tickets: Offline booking lags access to available tickets whereas a flight booking app provides instant updates on the status of confirmed and available flights ticket. The automated system of airline apps is integrated with an advanced setup to retrieve accurate data & facilitate real-time flight ticket availability that offers better booking experiences to customers.

Instant updates of ticket confirmed: Passengers often suffer from last-minute hassles when they come to know the pending status of tickets after booking. Airline apps reduce the chances of facing such problems as they keep users updated about the status of their flight ticket booking. Even though your ticket may get canceled due to certain factors, you will get notified instantly if any cancellation or change in the schedule happens with your confirmed booking.

One-click ticket cancellations: When you don’t have the option to cancel your booking, you can expect refunds from a flight booking service provider on the app. Your refund policy may or may not favor last-minute cancellations but it is necessary to feature this option to win the trust of your customers.

Booking history & offers: Do not forget to add separate tabs to let users check their booking history, available offers or coupons, customer support, feedback, payments, & other important information related to their travel plans.

Key considerations to determine the cost of an airline app

After getting complete clarity on the purpose and features of a flight booking app, we can further discuss the costs of building an on-demand flight ticket booking platform. The budget for an airline app could vary based on technology, complexity, features, resources, timeline, & other requirements of the project. The charges of hiring a dedicated developer at a reputed mobile app development company differ from a freelancer or independent programmers and the same factor works on the quality & satisfaction guarantee.

Wrapping it up!

When it comes to an airline app, it worths your investment as people are turning towards online ways to booking their flight tickets as per their needs. If you’re involved in a ticket booking business or planning to facilitate online flight booking services to your customers, getting a high-performing mobile app with useful features is all you need to do to boost your profits in no time.

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