It is quite comfortable to sleep on silk bedding, but it can be more complex to look after than other materials like linen and cotton. Silk is derived from the animal fiber.  One of the highest grades of silk is Mulberry. The silkworm is fed mulberry leaves, and the result is pure, extra-long, white in the color thread. Premium quality silk is characterized by lustrous sheen and elegance. Silk is susceptible to stain and can get damaged from excessive light and heat. This blog will help you to show some maintenance tips for silk bedding.

Washing Your Silk Sheets

You can treat your silk bedding in a machine, or if you like the traditional way, you can also hand wash it. The choice is yours. If you are doing it with a washing machine, make sure to use a soft cleaning agent and maintain a suitable temperature. It is advised to clean your bed sheet once a week. Staining can easily occur on your silk bedding, so if you make a habit of washing the bedding once a week, then the chance of staining is reduced considerably. Hand washing is equally effective, but make sure to wash it in cool water.

Choosing The Right Powder

A non-biological detergent is always better for treating your silk bedding. It is always best to use a detergent that is specifically designed for washing silk. Using such detergent helps extend the life of your sheet. Avoid bleaching and stain removers since these chemicals can affect the fabric of the silk. If you have noticed a stain on the silk, apply detergent over the stain and leave for a few hours. Rinse the silk bedding thoroughly and leave it for drying up.

Be Careful While Ironing

After washing, you need to iron the sheet at the minimum settings, otherwise, it can harm the delicate fabric. After a couple of washes, the wrinkle will relax and you do not have to put much effort into ironing.

Final Words

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