Just like most food products, even the best vape in the UK is perishable. This implies that vapes, like every edible thing, requires proper handling and needs to be stored accurately. Although most e-liquids have a good lifespan, they can easily turn your experience from incredible to insidious once they break down. 

The propylene glycol in E-liquids is a man-made product and is naturally resistant to decay, but the vegetable glycerine and nicotine in E-liquids are organic and can easily deteriorate over time. 

When the nicotine and VG starts going bad, it gets identified very easily, as the juice suddenly starts tasting and smelling weird. This is especially noticeable with fruity e-juices or e-liquids. 

Luckily, you can preserve the flavour of E-juice and prolong the life of them, as storing and handling E-juice is not hard at all. 

  • Keep the heat away

E-liquids are naturally averted to heat, which is why it is essential to store them in moderate or cool places. Heat alters the flavour of E-juice, as it tends to affect its molecular binding.

You can simply put your E-juice anywhere in your room, where it cannot get exposed to the sunlight. Some vapers also like to place their E-juices in refrigerators and even in freezers, which is great because E-juices do not freeze. However, the E-juices, if kept for long hours in the freezers, tend to thicken up, so give some time before you try to vape your E-juice that you kept in the freezer, make sure it is given enough time to warm up.

It is best to keep your E-liquids in the freezer if you want to store them for the long term, but remember that too much cold affects the flavour intensity. 

However, if you know that you would be using the E-liquid anytime soon then it is better to keep them in open. 

  • Keep the light and air away 

Although sunlight and fresh air have a positive impact on your health, both of them tend to be the natural enemies of your e-liquids. 

The air and sunlight can stimulate oxidation inside the E-liquids, leading them to break down nicotine. You will also notice a change of colour in your E-liquid, as oxidation tends to turn nicotine brownish.

Furthermore, you need to be wary of certain flavours, as some of them are naturally more vulnerable to oxidation than others. For instance, coffee and tobacco flavour can change more easily.

 It is hard to not to let any air particle get inside because every time you would open the lid, some particles would always rush in, but do not worry because those air particles are not enough to ruin the E-liquid. 

However, it is totally absurd and even dangerous to leave your E-liquids in the open air for a long period. 

Since E-liquids have free-base nicotine, the spoilage will ruin the taste. Therefore, it is best to keep your E-liquids in a cold and dark place like a cabinet and closet.

  • Get the right container

When it comes to choosing the container for E-liquids, you find yourself dumbfounded, since plastic and glass are ideal in different ways. 

If you want to store your E-liquid for short-term use, then it is best for you to choose plastic as your container. However, you need to better keep the plastic away from light and air as plastic tends to be very reactive and so do the E-liquids. 


To keep your E-liquid flavour in tip-top shape for a long-term, it is better to go for a glass container and place them in the refrigerator. Since glass does not react to E-liquids as strongly as plastics do, you will be able to preserve the texture and flavour of your E-juice. Also, it is better to prefer dark glass or tinted glass as a container, because it will reduce the prospect for pesky light to get in. However, it is also important to keep in mind that the glass container can cost you relatively more. 


To sum it all, light, heat and air are natural enemies of your E-juice. So, if you are someone who can be very particular about the flavours, you should do everything possible to not let your E-liquid get exposed to either of them.

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