Your mobile phone will always be exposed to the probability of falling or slipping from your hand, no matter how careful you are. There is no way you would want to risk your expensive mobile phone to save a few rupees.

The best and the easiest way to safeguard your phone is to install a mobile glass protector as soon as possible. The mobile glass protector price in Pakistan is not so high, making it within every individual’s reach.

This blog contains a complete guide below to help you install the glass protector without any trouble.

Just follow the steps listed below and get and your mobile phone secured:

Get everything unboxed and organized

This is an apparent suggestion, but getting it unboxed on hand will make it easier while ensuring that the entire process runs smoothly. Dust will easily accumulate on your screen when you’re sifting around searching for something in the crate, so getting it all out and ready will make sure you’re able to get the operation working fast.

Ensure that the case is compatible before starting off

Not valid if you decide to use your phone with just a screen protector to secure it, but a decent idea if you do have a case and want to verify its compatibility. You can do this by putting your phone straight inside the case and positioning the screen protector (with the protective film still attached) on the top of the screen. It will provide you with insight into whether your situation will trigger any complications for the protector. If it fits perfectly with a little wiggle space, then you’re good to move forward with the installation process.

Clean the screen with the given cleaning wipe

First things first, you’re going to need a clear screen before you can start adding the shield. This is highly necessary since the cleaner the screen, the better the outcome. By simply cleaning your phone’s screen, you will get rid of your fingerprints and debris, leaving you primed for the next move.

Take help from a microfibre cloth

With the initial cleaning phase-out of the way, you’re going to have to dry your phone’s panel with a MicroFibre sheet. This method would also clear any residual dust and debris.

Apply the installation guide frame on your phone

The next phase is to take the installation guide and slide it over the window of your mobile. This will be required soon, as it guarantees the proper orientation of the screen protector. 

You will want to make sure that the wider (thicker) part of the guide is positioned at the center of your unit, as if it were mounted the other way around, you will end up installing the screen protector upside down.

Use the dust removal sheet to remove the remaining particles

By putting the adjustment guide on your mobile, you may have inadvertently spilt any unwelcome dirt on your screen. That’s why the final cleaning step should be to use the dust collection sheet to catch these contaminants, without having to contact your phone or uninstall the guide.

Peel out the protective layer from the protector

With your phone prepared for use, you should direct your attention to the screen protector itself. You will be equipped with a shield ready to be mounted by peeling away the tab at the top of the protector. Be careful not to touch the shield’s newly exposed side, as any stains or dirt can create unnatural looking marks when the protector is installed.

Carefully lower the protector

With the protective coating removed and the guide mounted on your screen, you’re able to apply the shield. Simply lower the protector into the gap produced by the guide, beginning with the bottom end first, and then the top portion straight after that.

This will enable the protector to fit accurately and be prepared to firmly mount it to your phone by rubbing your thumbs around the protector’s top, bottom, and edges.

Time to take the installation guide away

Now that you have mounted the shield and given a tight press along all its sides, you will need to extract the guide itself carefully. You’ll want to remove this without having any complications with the screen protector, which is why we encourage you to place the phone in the guide and push the phone out of the guide.


Once you have followed the above steps, you no longer have to worry about breaking the screen of your expensive mobile phone by just spending a few rupees. Buying a good quality mobile phone protector will be worth it, get your protector now!

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